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Human Dignity Act: Rep. Allen coauthors legislation setting a high ethical standard for medical and scientific research...

2019 Spring Survey Results, Part III:  What's important to your friends and neighbors in the 97th Assembly District?  Waukesha residents know that family matters...  

Wisconsin Blue Book: Hardcopy volumes of the most comprehensive source for information about the state will be here in a few weeks, but you can get it online early... 

Rep. Allen co-authors Human Dignity Act





 A group of legislators began circulating a bill this week known as the Human Dignity Act.  Past failures to respect human dignity during medical and scientific research have underscored the need for protections and a high ethical standard. The Human Dignity Act will maintain both of these needs by instituting a ban on the sale, or transfer of aborted children. The bill also requires reporting of known gender and disabilities.  

Spring Survey Results

With 674 responses received both in the hard copies and the online edition, the data tells a few clear stories. As always, the Spring Survey helps me to be responsive to your needs and serve you. Thank you to those who participated! Last week, we looked at fiscal responsibility, this week we look at Family...

Part III: Family

What happens in your house is more important than what happens at the Capitol.  Many in Waukesha County hope to partake in the American Dream, to own property, build wealth, and settle down with a family. They know the importance of and the beneficial influence that a family unit can have on society.  

 I asked: Do you support allowing state tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood?


 57% of respondents indicated a distaste for state funding of America's largest abortion provider. Governor Evers proposed to spend an additional $28 million on Planned Parenthood.  Those provisions were removed by the legislature, and we continue to support clinics that provide health care for women.

Families are also concerned about keeping college affordable.  No one wants to be saddled with large student loans as they graduate college.  Unfortunately, average UW-System spending per student (on a headcount basis) has increased more than $20,000 over the last decade.

I asked: Studies have shown that current UW tuition is competitive with other universities in similar categories or peer groups. When it comes to setting tuition in the upcoming budget cycle, what do you support? 



 This biennial budget does not call for an increase in tuition for the UW System, however the UW received a $58 million increase to its overall budget over the next two fiscal years.  

The time for continued tuition freezes may be coming to an end. That is why Rep. Allen has co-sponsored AB 369, which would cap any future tuition increases by the UW System to no greater than the rate of Consumer Price Index (CPI) the first year after the freeze ends. It would also fix tuition for four years for each freshman class.   

K-12 Education is also a crucial need for Wisconsin's families and long-term future. 

 I asked: The state of Wisconsin has a $600 million budget surplus AND will see revenue growth of an estimated $1.8 billion in the coming budget. How would you like your elected representatives to prioritize spending in the coming budget?


 59% of respondents believed increasing funding to support K-12 education should be prioritized.  In the end, the budget increased state aids by over $636 million compared to current spending, and represents the largest state education investment in actual dollars ever, topping last session's budget.  This is just shy of the two-thirds state funding threshold.

Wisconsin Blue Book


2019-20 Blue Book Cover



Hard copies of the most comprehensive source for information about the state will be here in a few weeks, but you can get it online by clicking on the image above.

We also added this feature permanently in the "Other Helpful Links" near the top of the e-update.

Of course, if you'd like a hard copy, please contact my office, fill out your name, address, leave a message that says "send me a Blue Book," and we will get a copy to you when they are available.