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Year in Review: Looking forward to 2020...

PACE Loans Bill Hearing: Both houses weigh in at the State Capitol...

Public Hearing: Rep. Allen's bill, AB 629, was heard in the Assembly. Learn about the bill below...

WPR Interview: Listen in for solutions...

Department of Natural Resources: There are many great outdoor activities during winter, read the seasonal update to learn more...

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 Year in Review: By The Numbers 


This year, Rep. Allen...

  • answered 1,424 constituent contacts
  • authored 21 pieces of legislation*
  • co-authored/sponsored 87 pieces of Assembly legislation*
  • co-authored/sponsored 95 pieces of Senate legislation*
  • authored 34 press releases
  • attended 3 press conferences
  • attended 45 committee meetings
  • hosted 7 constituent outreach, coffee, or town hall listening sessions
  • sent 167,394 e-updates for year the year 2019. 

*authors are listed as either the first or second legislator on a bill.

AB 498, PACE Loans Bill Hearings 

This year, Rep. Allen crafted a piece of legislation aimed at protecting homeowners in Wisconsin. 

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Loans are a specific type of loan used to finance energy efficiency or renewable energy projects on real property. Unfortunately, many states with PACE loan programs are facing significant practical and ethical challenges.

These loans are unique in that they are repaid not from the borrower to the lender directly, but through an assessment by the local unit of government. Unfortunately, many states with PACE loan programs are facing significant practical and ethical challenges

After the New Year, Rep. Allen is hopeful that AB 498 will be voted on in both committees and subsequently passed through both houses. Watch the Assembly hearing here. 

 AB 629, Fees in Statutes, heard in committee

3-07 Capitol, sunrise.jpg

Earlier this year, Rep. Allen worked with Senator Kathy Bernier to craft legislation that would require state agencies to submit to the governor and legislature, along with biennial budget requests, a report which details each fee the agency is authorized to charge, along with the amount or method of calculation, an identification of statutory authority, whether the agency charges the fee, whether the fee has changed over time, and agency recommendations regarding the fee.

 “The market and technology changes with more frequency than administrative rules or state statutes,” said Rep. Allen. “A biennial evaluation of fees is a reasonable expectation of government. Fair fees benefit everyone.”

In December, AB 629 was heard by the Committee on Government Accountability and Oversight during a public hearing.

Interview with WPR


wpr web.jpg Rep. Allen was invited to participate in an interview on Wisconsin Public Radio's afternoon show, Central Time, alongside State Senator Janet Bewley. The bipartisan discussion covered the topic of affordable and workforce housing in Wisconsin, and how government can potentially help with solutions to this problem. 

Click here to listen to Rep. Allen's interview. 

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