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Great connections during Beer with Scott: Meaningful and cordial conversations about Wisconsin government...

Informational Hearing: Community Development Committee to hold hearing later this month...

October Session Day: Making college course transfers easier...

First Responder of the Year Award: Congratulations Waukesha Police Specialist Niki Nelson!...

Laminated Wall Maps: now available!...

Blue Book Delivery: Blue Books arriving at the Capitol...


Great Connections during Beer with Scott 


Several constituents from the 97th Assembly district joined Rep. Allen last week at Sobelman’s Waukesha, sharing meaningful and cordial conversations about Wisconsin government. A couple of parents chatted about timely topics including school start times and whole grade sharing. Rep. Allen also heard about the effects of ageism in the workplace, and talked about the potential value to businesses in Wisconsin that seniors provide; they can be a great resource in today’s tight job market. Other constituents shared their aspirations for public service, and Rep. Allen received valued words of encouragement from another constituent.

Rep. Allen looks forward to another Beer with Scott in the near future. These unique meetings provide an opportunity for participation in government that is rarely seen in the technological age.

In the meantime, constituents interested in conversing about their state government with questions and concerns are encouraged to contact the office at 608-266-8580 or email

 Community Development Committee to Hold Informational Hearing

Rep. Allen plans to fill the North Hearing Room, pictured below, during an Informational hearing on Wednesday, October 23 regarding Wisconsin's workforce housing dilemma...


Rep. Allen, as chair of the Assembly Committee on Community Development, has invited several presenters to partake in an Informational Hearing on Wisconsin's workforce housing dilemma. 

The hearing will be held on Wednesday, October 23 from 10 am - Noon, and will feature three expert testimonies on real estate, property taxes, and other factors that are affecting Wisconsin's current shortage of middle class housing. 

Featured Presenters 

Mark Eppli, Director of the Grasskamp Center for Real Estate, UW Madison. Dr. Eppli is widely published in commercial real estate and is on the board of several organizations including the Real Estate Research Institute. His presentation is titled: “The Impact of Real Estate on Wisconsin’s Economy”. 

Wyman Winston, former Director of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA). Under Mr. Winston’s leadership, WHEDA invested over $2.8 billion in Wisconsin for affordable housing, helped create employment opportunities and provide investment into Wisconsin’s communities.  His presentation is centered around: “Suggestions to Solve Wisconsin’s Housing Crisis, and Factors that Influence Housing Affordability”.

Katherine Loughead, from Washington DC. Katherine serves as a policy analyst of the Tax Foundation. Prior to joining the Tax Foundation, she worked in Congress focusing on policy formulation during the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Ms. Loughead will discuss various features of Wisconsin’s property tax system that are helping and hurting economic competitiveness in the Badger State. 


 October Session Update

Legislation easing transferring college, tech school credits passes Assembly

 Beginning the fall legislative session, the Wisconsin State Assembly on Thursday passed 2019 AB 189/SB 165, dealing with higher education credit transfers. 

The bill streamlines the credit transfer methodology between the University of Wisconsin System, Wisconsin Technical Colleges, private colleges and universities, and tribal schools.   There are two different credit transfer models used in Wisconsin, which has led to significant confusion.   The course-to-course model let students transfer up to 30 credit hours, depending on course guidelines.  The program-to-program model allowed for transferring the entirety of learning outcomes. 

Unfortunately, the bifurcated model has led to over 600 separate articulation agreements between UW institutions and the Wisconsin Technical College System.  At the committee hearing, stakeholders testified that students did not always know which credits would transfer, and that some transferable credits were not properly tracked.

The bill more than doubles the total number of transferable course credits from 30 to 72 core general education courses.  Furthermore, it requires system faculty to meet twice per year to update which credits are transferable.

“Credit transfers are an important facet to every institution of higher education in Wisconsin,” said Rep. Allen.  “The bottom line is that it increases affordability of and access to higher education.  It may help students obtain marketable skills sooner.  This is a common-sense step Wisconsin can take to help the next generation minimize their participation in the student debt avalanche.”

The bill now goes to the Senate for concurrence.

First Responder of the Year Award


Rep. Scott Allen is proud to announce Waukesha Police Specialist Nichelle (Niki) Nelson as the recipient of the 97th Assembly District’s First Responder of the Year Award.

Specialist Nelson is a former Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) Board member and has been involved with Special Olympics for over 20 years. Throughout her involvement, she has shown leadership and passion with a variety of outreach programs, including Tip a Cop, Polar Plunge, and the WPPA’s Law Enforcement Torch Run Committee.

 “It is a great honor to recognize Niki Nelson as the First Responder of the Year,” Rep. Allen stated. “Her dedication and leadership as a police specialist is unrivaled.  With Niki’s involvement in Special Olympics and other community outreach projects, she continues to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community. Niki makes Waukesha a better place to be on a daily basis.”

Specialist Nelson was  recognized during the Hometown Hero First Responder of the Year ceremony on October 10, 2019, during the Assembly Floor session at the State Capitol in Madison.

Wall Maps

Laminated wall highway maps are now available! 

If you would like a wall map, please contact my office by calling (608) 266-8580 or by emailing

Wisconsin Blue Book


2019-20 Blue Book Cover



Hard copies of the most comprehensive source for information about the state will be arriving this month, but you can get it online by clicking on the image above.

We also added this feature permanently in the "Other Helpful Links" near the top of the e-update.

Of course, if you'd like a hard copy, please contact my office, fill out your name, address, leave a message that says "send me a Blue Book," and we will get a copy to you when they are available.