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Election 2020: Statement on results...

Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections: conducting a statewide review...

Mask Mandate: Supreme Court arguments and decisions...

COVID-19 Video: A personal statement...

COVID-19 Initiatives: Working together...

COVID-19: Waukesha County testing locations...

Hunting Season: Beginning Saturday...

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Election 2020 - Striving for Trust and Security


Both before and since November 3rd, 2020, much of our news has contained a discussion of the 2020 Election Results. 

Recently, many constituents and residents across the state have called into question the results of the election, both nationwide and in Wisconsin, as a result of late-night additions to vote totals.

The result of any election, including the 2020 Presidential Election, needs to be trusted by people on both sides of the political aisle.  Election integrity and confidence in the accuracy of results are necessary to continue as the world’s finest example in self-governance.

Both Republicans and Democrats should welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that our election systems are secure. To the extent that they were not secure, we all should want to determine what happened and remedy the situation.  There are weeks of time between the election and the certification of delegates to the Electoral College precisely for this reason.

We want to make sure that the reported election results for the State of Wisconsin are accurate and that every legal vote has been counted.

President Trump has a legal right to ask for a recount or to file litigation if he has a claim of fraud.

The Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections

2020 Election, Assembly Committee on Campaigns

The Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee has been tasked with investigating and reporting on the conduct of this recent election.  It has an important role to play in ensuring the faith of Wisconsinites and Americans in the Wisconsin election process.  I will support its work over the next several weeks and ask for patience from everyone.

To best protect the integrity of our elections and ensure every legal vote counts, the Committee needs specific and actionable information sent to the following e-mail address: We would recommend that a complaint, concern or allegation would include the following:

  • Specific and first-hand information regarding potential fraud/misconduct. Hearsay or news reports of non-specific events are not useful.
  • Detail on the incident/practice being reported (What, where, when, and who).
  • Any supporting materials that would be helpful in vetting the allegation. This could include photos or names of witnesses.
  • Contact information so the person can be reached for clarification or additional information. If people choose to remain anonymous, that is their right but it may limit the value of their information if it is incomplete.

Court hears challenge to Mask Mandate

On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court heard oral arguments challenging how Governor Tony Evers' created the mask mandate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To be more specific, the issue considered by the Court is whether the governor may unilaterally extend a state of emergency for the same emergency.  By statute, the emergency orders are limited to 60 days, unless extended by the Legislature. Our system is designed to provide checks and balances against unilateral government actions such a seizing private property or suspending other laws.

Gov. Evers did not seek or request an extension of his emergency powers and instead issued Executive Order #90 and Emergency Order #1.

The court is not expected to issue a ruling on the case for several weeks.  

COVID-19 Video

Screengrab COVID

COVID-19 Initiatives

Fighting COVID Assm GOP


On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Assembly Republicans released new policy ideas and initiatives to fight COVID-19 in Wisconsin. In addition to continuing on with a robust testing system, the GOP will seek to double the number of contact tracers, assist in the distribution of vaccines, promote small business success and require the reform of our Unemployment Insurance system. 

COVID-19 Testing in Waukesha County

COVID testing sites


Best of Luck to All Hunters!  

Hunting 2020

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