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Making Bail Safe

Jailing Death Merchants

Right to Read

Evers Vetoes Tax Cuts

The Need for Civility

Payday Loan Reform

Election Audit Floor Speech

Tax Cuts: A Brighter Future

Right to Life Speech

On Postelection Audits

Office Tour

Christmas 2023 Message

AB 308: Obscene Materials

On Licensure Compacts

AB 465 Floor Speech

Help Not Harm Press

Help Not Harm Testimony

Parental Rights?

Anti-trans? No

Addressing Suicide

Follow the Science

Middle Class Tax Cut


Right to Read Act

On School Choice

SB 101 Floor Speech

Fentanyl Press Conference

Memorial Day 2023

Reckless Driving Speech

Hometown Hero

Fentanyl Testimony

2023 State of the State

Bail Reform Speech

Christmas 2022

Marijuana Discussion

Abortion Discussion

2022 Session Sign-off

AB 413 Speech

AB 912 Speech

On Waukesha Victims

2021 Christmas Message

Let Our Lights Shine

AB 6 Speech

Election Integrity Speech

UI Benefits Speech

Marijuana Policy

Covid 19 Funds Oversight

AJR 9 Exec Comments

Science, faith, fairness

UI Delay Speech

2020 Christmas

Covid 19 Comment