Striving for Trust and Security The result of any election, including the 2020 Presidential Election, needs to be trusted by people on both sides of the political aisle. Election integrity and confidence in the accuracy of results are necessary to continue as the world’s finest example in self-governance.
Unapologetically Unifying We can lift up and celebrate blackness without condemning whiteness. We can have conversations about race without guilt or shame being critical elements of the conversation. We can and should acknowledge our past without reliving it.
Globalism or Global Failure? Why has the liberal elite been pushing globalism in education when American test scores are dismal on a global scale?
Biology or Political Ideology? Parents, who should be teaching your child about gender and sexuality? Are your pupils going to get a scientific view, or a political viewpoint? What does gender and sexuality have to do with racism? And will studying these things improve student educational outcomes in measured areas?
Let's Talk Parents, imagine a classroom where a teacher, in a position of power, made a student feel guilty in front of others, just because of the color of her skin?
Is your child truly empathetic? Parents, how would you feel if public schools were teaching your kids right-wing or left-wing ideologies? What if they were teaching your kids values that were inconsistent with what you would teach them?
What is your child being taught in school about families? With Wisconsin falling behind other states in educational outcomes, should we devote time in the classroom to perpetuate a debunked radical ideology that destroys the family?
Mask mandate still an unconstitutional, unscientific travesty Fully acknowledged in Governor Evers’ Executive Order 90 is a large growth in COVID-19 positive tests since this mandate was put into place in late July. Data is in: masks either hurt or do not seem to make a difference.