Rep. Allen celebrates independent thinkers during Black History Month These individuals are courageous, strong, independent thinkers who enrich the national discourse by refusing to accept mainstream dogmas about what defines Black thought.
Joint Legislative Audit Committee Approves Audit of Elections Administration Rep. Allen urged the Committee to approve the audit, which is expected to conclude in the Fall of 2021.
To Mask, or Not to Mask, that is Not the Question Some see the mask as a symbol of safety and precaution. Some see the mask as a symbol of oppression. Both are correct.
Rep. Allen proposes bill in honor of Waukesha athlete Kai Lermer Rep. Scott Allen of Waukesha and Senator Alberta Darling of River Hills are currently circulating legislation for co-sponsorship known as “The Kai Lermer Bill”.
Gov. Evers continues to blame others for his maladministration Nine months after a shutdown of Wisconsin’s schools and business, Governor Evers still has the audacity to blame the legislature for the state’s problems
Election Reforms Remain a High Priority On January 4, 2021, the Wisconsin Assembly passed Assembly Resolution 3 on a voice vote, emphasizing the need to reform Wisconsin election law.
Teachers group affirms BLM principles that reject families, harm Black lives A nuclear family headed by two loving married parents remains the most stable and safest environment for raising children. If we care about Black lives, we ought to be encouraging, not disrupting, the model of the nuclear family. Why is this agenda being pushed and taught by the radical left?
Rogue election officials ignored laws The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) and clerks in Dane and Milwaukee Counties willfully disregarded the law. Wisconsin citizens are being disenfranchised and their lawful votes diluted.