Rep. Allen submits budget amendment aimed at protecting consumers from shady loan program With problems in other states, forward-thinking proposal limits PACE loans to commercial properties or residential properties with five or more units; #ConsumerProtection #WIBudget
Rep. Allen budget motion limits general transportation aid to spending on road construction and maintenance Current law permits other costs to be included, such as vehicle costs, building expenditures, debt service payments, and policing; aid payments to local governments about $460 million. #SustainableSolutions #NotYourGrandfathersGovernment #WIBudget
General transportation aid reform proposal repositions Wisconsin to better control spending Current general transportation aid formula has not been modified in decades, leading to sloppy distribution of road dollars. #SustainableSolutions #NotYourGrandfathersGovernment #WIBudget
Rep. Allen submits budget amendment limiting mass transit subsidies Some Wisconsin transit systems are taking taxpayers for a ride. #Fair #Sustainable #WIBudget
Representative Allen proposes $2 million grant program for spinal cord injury research Bryon Riesch, the 2018 ‘Waukesha Freeman Citizen of the Year,’ was inspirational; funds would go towards developing new therapies and novel medical devices. #Hope #WIBudget
Rep. Allen proposes tax relief for individuals and families struggling with rare disease A supply of just 5,400 calories can cost $123; amendment would a non-refundable income tax credit which would reimburse 50% or up to $5,000 for affected individuals. #WIBudget
Rep. Allen introduces budget motion requiring agencies to report fees No one keeping an eye on 16,100-plus references to fees in state statutes and administrative regulations. #Represent #CommonSense #WIBudget
Rep. Allen's Statement on Gov. Evers Budget Address Echoing same old Democrat talking points from last eight years, calls for increasing taxes, balloon spending; governor claims to want bipartisan efforts, but facts don't support suppositions.