Long Awaited Justice Nearly 50 years ago an activist Supreme Court created a law that didn’t exist. Today we celebrate a courageous Supreme Court in the Dobbs decision for correcting that error.
Healthcare? The rhetoric surrounding Gov. Evers special session is that it has to do with ‘healthcare’, but in reality, it doesn’t. Ending a human life is the very opposite of ‘healthcare’.
Equality or Division? If we truly cared about equality, we wouldn’t give special treatment to a particular group of people via the flying of a flag. But then, it’s not really about equality is it?
Grief & Hypocrisy The tragic violence in Buffalo and Uvalde fills all our hearts with grief and anger. Yet like clockwork, the hypocrisy of the left emerges after each of these tragedies.
Title IX Recently, the administration of President Biden proposed a rule change in regards to Title IX that would remove the hard fought rights of women in this country.
Unanswered Questions The problem is not that we have insufficient election laws, but that those laws were broken, and there has been no accountability.
Rep. Allen – Statement on the passing of Margaret Farrow Yesterday, Waukesha County lost a prominent member of the community. Rep. Scott Allen issued this statement regarding the passing of Margaret Farrow.
Governor Evers Violates State Law No one is above the law of Wisconsin. Yet Gov. Evers approved two grants for Planned Parenthood in direct violation of Wis. Statute 20.975 (2). I have asked the Governor to correct this violation and to ensure no further violations of state law occur.