Election reforms necessary to protect the most vulnerable What happened to this constituent's loved one is unconscionable. WEC said nothing would be done.
Testimony on SB 95 / AB 82, Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Kai Lermer Bill The information provided would include the risks associated with participation in a youth athletic activity and their options to receive a medical evaluation at their expense.
Testimony on Election Audit Rep. Allen's testimony regarding the proposed audit of elections administration
Trump v. Biden Appendix See and consider the evidence for yourself.
2020 Public School Curriculum An eight part expose of new curriculum being used in Wisconsin Public schools. Parents, do you know what your child is learning?
Letter to Sec. Frostman A letter to Department of Workforce Development Secretary Caleb Frostman regarding the expedient processing of unemployment claims.
Coronavirus A graphic of good practices to protect yourself from illness.
PFA Audit Request Although it makes up a tiny fraction of the municipal bond market, the Wisconsin-based Public Finance Authority is responsible for nearly 10% of impairment reports this year. An audit is now appropriate. #PFA #Oversight
Cannabis Research Request With few peer-reviewed studies done within the United States on its efficacy for medicinal use or potential for harm, a lack of data means there is not currently a scientific debate taking place among medical professionals. Steps at the federal level could improve policymaking.
LRB Survey of Agency Fees More than 16,100 references to fees in Wisconsin statutes and administrative code, and some haven't been updated in decades! A budget motion seeks to change that. Read the Legislative Reference Bureau survey of agency fees here.
Wisconsin Public Schools Religious Liberties Act Rep. Allen now seeking legislator input on draft bill to be circulated in January for cosponsorship. Read it here.
Full Text of Floor Speech on AB 128 Although it may be legal, we should in no way, shape, or form provide public funding for abortion.
Budget Transparency Act Proposal This bill creates a 48-hour budget review provision which would apply to Joint Finance Committee actions.
A Responsive Transportation Reform for Wisconsin Proposes block grants to serve local community needs