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State Capitol
Room 307 West
P.O. Box 8953
Madison, WI 53708

(608) 266-5780

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Friends and Neighbors,

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close, and back to school season is rapidly approaching. Back to school can be both an exciting and stressful time of transition. Visit this page on the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website for resources on how to manage stress, health care, and much more. August is also Immunization Awareness Month, as this time of year is ideal getting up to date on vaccines.


Earlier this week, I was a panelist at a discussion on early brain development and the importance of quality affordable childcare at a screening of ‘No Small Matter’. Thank you to everyone who attended and continued the conversation about early childhood learning and development. If you couldn’t attend, there are two more free screening events scheduled in the La Crosse area. Visit here to learn more and RSVP.


Please continue reading for articles on my Safe Harbor bill’s Senate hearing, Democrats’ proposal on gun safety, and the importance of renter’s insurance. As always, please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. You can always contact my office by calling (608) 266-5780 or emailing me at Rep.Billings@legis.wi.gov.


Best Wishes, 

Jill Billings
State Representative 
95th Assembly District

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Safe Harbor Bill Update

Last week, Senate Bill 49, the Senate version of the Safe Harbor for Trafficked Youth Act, had a public hearing in the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee. The committee, chaired by Senator Wanggaard, heard testimony in favor of the legislation from a number of supporters, including Senator Alberta Darling and Jay Reinke of the Human Trafficking Task Force of Greater Milwaukee, along with advocates from the Lutheran Church. Joy Ippolito, formerly the Anti- Human Trafficking Coordinator at the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, also presented testimony in support of Safe Harbor. 

As a reminder of the legislative process, a bill must have a public hearing in both the assembly and the senate. This legislation has already passed out of the Assembly committee last spring. This positive senate hearing takes the bill one more step further in the legislative process.



safe harbor testimony 8.23.19.jpg

I testified in favor of the Safe Harbor bill alongside Senator Alberta Darling.


Universal Background Check Bill Introduced

Last week, Governor Evers and legislative Democrats introduced legislation to improve gun safety. The proposed bill would implement universal background checks for the sale or transfer of any firearm.

Under current federal law, background checks are only required for sales conducted by federally licensed dealers. However, this does not apply to unlicensed sellers of firearms, including people who sell guns online, at gun shows, or pawn shops. This allows guns to be obtained by illegal buyers, domestic abusers, felons, and other prohibited purchasers, which dramatically increases the likelihood of gun homicides and suicides. The newly proposed legislation would close this loophole.

Fourteen states as well as Washington, D.C. require background checks for all handgun sales. In these states, there are lower rates of gun violence across a variety of groups, including women killed by intimate partners and law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

Over 90% of Americans support universal background checks, as do 81% of all Wisconsinites. I come from a hunting family, and strongly believe in safe and responsible gun ownership, as well as common sense laws to promote gun safety. I hope my colleagues across the aisle will seriously consider this legislation, and join us in taking action to protect against gun violence.


background checks 8.23.19.jpg


Protect Your Belongings with Renter's Insurance

Are you or someone you know moving into a new apartment or residence hall this fall? Don’t forget to get renter’s insurance to protect your personal items from potential damage! The Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance has a brief guide to renter’s insurance to help provide more information about these important policies. Learn more about renter’s insurance here.


renter's insurance 8.23.19.png

Rep. Billings Out of the Capitol Building


bantry 8.23.19.jpg


In my speech at the opening of Irishfest, I challenged visitors to try something new this year. And so, my first time experience was becoming a member of the Bantry Sister City group.


corn river tour 8.23.19.jpg


 I also took a tour of the lock and dam system on the Mississippi River hosted by the Wisconsin Corn Growers, along with Senator Tammy Baldwin. We viewed the river's vital infrastructure and learned about the importance of the river to the agriculture industry.


Habitat for Humanity 8.23.19.jpg

I visited a Habitat for Humanity-La Crosse home rehab on the north side, along with City Council member Barb Janssen. Kaya Fox and her team shared the impact they are making on our community.