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Fair Maps for Wisconsin Summit

Saturday, November 9th, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Mayor's Neighborhood Conference

Saturday, October 19th, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Black River Beach Neighborhood Center


State Capitol
Room 307 West
P.O. Box 8953
Madison, WI 53708

(608) 266-5780

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Friends and Neighbors,

Last week, the Legislature held its first session day of the fall floor period. Despite having multiple weeks blocked off for potential session days in September, the legislature has not reconvened until now due to Republicans letting the clock run out on the legislative calendar. Wisconsin’s Democratic lawmakers and residents alike have consistently demanded that the legislature meet more often in order to make progress and improve the lives of Wisconsinites.

Legislative Democrats have been working on a variety of issues since the beginning of session, and recently unveiled Forward Together, a list of priorities that reflect the needs of the people of Wisconsin, and especially families, students, and seniors. I’m working on issues facing our state and the daily lives of people in the Coulee region, and my priorities include controlling the price of prescription drugs, notifying the public of water quality issues, providing a safe harbor for kids, collaborating with our business community to encourage community development, and addressing the lack of access to childcare. I ask that Republicans join us in moving these issues forward.

The full list of Democratic priorities can be viewed here in English, or here in Hmong.

Please continue reading for articles on the 95th District’s First Responder of the Year, Oktoberfest in the Capitol, ways to recognize Cybersecurity Month this October, and how to participate in National Drug Take Back Day.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. You can always contact my office by calling (608) 266-5780 or emailing me at Rep.Billings@legis.wi.gov.


Best Wishes, 

Jill Billings
State Representative 
95th Assembly District

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Honoring the 95th District’s First Responder of the Year

Last week, the Wisconsin State Assembly recognized October 2019 as First Responders Appreciation Month, and honored first responders across Wisconsin with a Hometown Hero Award during the legislative session.

I was honored to recognize Officer Dustin Darling on behalf of the 95th Assembly District. Officer Darling, a member of the La Crosse Police Force, was struck by gunfire and injured in the line of duty when responding to a domestic disturbance on August 3, 2019. Displaying heroism and courage, Officer Darling protected other citizens at the scene and maintained his professional composure under the most extreme circumstances. I am thankful that Officer Darling serves the city of La Crosse with such distinction, and believe that he truly exemplifies the spirit of service and sacrifice.


1st responder 10.18.19.JPG


2019-20 Wisconsin Blue Books are here!
The 2019-2020 Wisconsin Blue Books are the most up-to-date resource for information about state government, elected and appointed state leaders, and statewide statistical data.
If you are a constituent and wish to have a Blue Book for your personal collection, you can request your free copy from my office by clicking here

Note: Due to a limited supply, I can only provide Blue Books to constituents of the 95th Assembly District. If you live outside of the district, I am happy to direct you to your representative's office.


blue book 10.18.19.jpg


Oktoberfest in the Capitol

La Crosse arrived at the Capitol last week! Members of the La Crosse community, along with our Oktoberfest royalty, traveled to Madison to advocate on behalf of issues facing western Wisconsin. La Crosse area advocates met with legislators and staff to discuss the priorities of the greater Coulee Region, and then capped off the day with a reception at The Madison Club. Thank you to the La Crosse Chamber of Commerce for organizing such a successful day, and spreading gemutlichkeit to the Capitol.

A list of the priorities that were advocated on can be found here.


Oktoberfest reception 10.18.19.jpg


Oktoberfest in the capitol 10.18.19.jpg



National Drug Take Back Day

Next Saturday, October 26th, is National Drug Take Back Day. La Crosse has been a leader in reclaiming unused prescription drugs for safe disposal, both to combat the heroin epidemic, and to protect our environment. Medications should never be flushed or poured down the drain, as they can contribute to the contamination of our water supply.

From 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 26th, bring your unused or expired prescription and over-the-counter medication in for safe disposal. One drop-off location in La Crosse is at the La Crosse County Health & Human Services building on 300 4th Street North. A drive-through is available as well. Bring prescription and over-the-counter medications, ointments, patches, non-aerosol sprays, inhalers, creams, vials, and pet medications.

You can find other area locations here.


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October is Cybersecurity Month

October is Cybersecurity Month, and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) wants to educate consumers and businesses on how to keep data safe. This year, DATCP has formed an Advisory Committee on Data Privacy and Security to find better solutions to keeping our personal information safe in the age of technology. The data storage market is worth about $56.8 billion, and is expected to almost double by 2024 due to our constant use of smartphones and computers. So far this year, billions of records have been compromised – and that is just the data that has been reported. DATCP’s Advisory Committee hopes to help address modernizing laws to address new threats and to keep Wisconsin citizens’ data safe.

DATCP recommends using unique and strong passwords for every online account, and using two-factor authentication when available. It also encourages people to only download software from authorized app stores, and to delete all applications when they are no longer being used.


cybersecurity 10.18.19.jpg


Rep. Billings in La Crosse and Madison


Oktoberfest in the capitol 2 10.18.19.jpg


I enjoyed meeting with advocates from La Crosse during the Oktoberfest in the Capitol lobby day.


WTC opening 10.18.19.jpg


I attended the opening of Western Technical College’s new Student Success Center with Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes and Senator Jennifer Shilling. WTC is putting forth excellent efforts to ensure a successful journey for all students.

uptowne 10.18.19.jpg

Afterwards, we had an amazing lunch at Adrian Lipscombe’s Uptowne Café. It’s always a joy to share La Crosse’s small businesses with guests and colleagues.


A-Team 10.18.19.jpg


A-Team Wisconsin, a disability rights group, had their annual Day for Choice at the Capitol. I enjoyed meeting with advocates to talk about the importance of work choices for people with disabilities in Wisconsin and other relevant policies.