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Bipartisanship or Politics?

Recently, an agreement was made between the Republican-led Senate and the Governor on the COVID-19 Relief Bill. I was excited when I heard of this agreement and frankly, even more excited to see the new year start out with some much-needed bipartisanship. I was ready to vote yes on this bill and see the Governor sign it into law. Of course, this was all before Assembly Republicans shook their head no to the deal. Yes, you read that right - Senate Republicans reached a deal with the Governor and then Assembly Republicans tore the deal apart because of a few things they didn't like. 

As a parent, like many of you, we teach our children at an early age they can't always get everything they want and to be happy with what's given. I've been in the legislature for a decade, and if I refused to vote on a bill because it didn't include everything I wanted -- I wouldn't have voted yes on a single bill. So, today at 1pm, the legislature will be back at square one debating a bill that already could have been signed into law. I hope this afternoon the Assembly Republicans use the valuable lesson they once taught their children. 

Will it be bipartisanship or politics?  

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