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Back on the Floor  

Madison is starting to pick back up – the Assembly met this week to vote on a number of bills and is scheduled to meet next week as well. I was pleased to see the package of bills the Speaker’s Task Force on Adoption put forward pass the Assembly.

As a member of the task-force, it was tough at times coming to a consensus, but in the end we were able to produce and pass legislation that improves the lives of children and streamlines the process of adoption. As an attorney who practices Family Law, I understood how adoption can be one of the most joyful areas of practice, but also one of the most complex. It was nice to see the legislature take action and help biological and adoptive parents overcome some of the barriers in the process, but there is still work to be done. 





Moving Forward

The Assembly is expected to meet three more times this session. I will continue reaching across the aisle to improve our community and work to expand the resources our rural areas need to succeed.

Far too often, the voices and concerns of those living in rural areas are not taken as seriously as those in urban areas. However, when hospitals and schools in rural areas are closing left and right, it should worry every Wisconsinite. Our state’s economic success and future depends on ensuring their voice is heard, and I’m proud to provide that voice in the legislature.

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