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2021-22 Legislative Session 

Last week was the start to a new Wisconsin Legislative Session. 2020 has presented us many challenges and obstacles we had to overcome. Last year tested all of us in ways unimaginable; however, this year will test our strength and perseverance. More importantly, the door to opportunity and success starts with the Legislature addressing the important issues facing our state. 

The Legislature recently met to debate COVID-19 relief. I was disappointed in the lack of proposals to help struggling Wisconsinites. A COVID-19 Relief bill that doesn't include any relief to small businesses, assistance to those struggling with rent, or funding to continue testing efforts and contract tracing is not a COVID-19 Relief Bill. It's a political scoreboard bill. 

Many of my constituents went through the most difficult year of their lives. I talked with small-business owners, health-care workers, contractors, and hundreds who lost their job through no fault of their own. The COVID-19 relief bill I saw last week didn't provide any meaningful proposals to help get these folks back up on their feet. What I saw was disappointing. 

I'm going to continue fighting for meaningful, bipartisan proposals and work hard to pass an actual COVID-19 Relief bill. 

Committee Assignments 

Every session members and members-elect request what committees they would like to serve on. After hearing from a number of business owners and those who lost their jobs in 2020, I requested to serve on the Committee on Jobs and the Economy. When members request a committee, it isn't always a guarantee they will get to serve on that committee; however, I am honored to have been selected to serve on Jobs and Economy. 

As our state and country continue to work through the pandemic our economic outlook has been impacted drastically. I know the 2021-22 Legislative Session will include substantial debate on policy initiatives needed to get our economy back on track. Small-business owners in our community also needed representation and someone they can count on to lead. I'm determined to use my experience as a small-business owner and mediator to shape our state's economic outlook for the better.  

In addition to the Committee on Jobs and the Economy, I am also pleased to be able to continue serving on the Committee on Financial Institutions, Insurance, and Family Law. 

We have a lot of work to get done in 2021. I know you probably hear that line one too many times coming out of Madison, but its never meant more than it does now. 
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