It is vital that Wisconsin is a place where everyone can achieve economic security, opportunity, and freedom. To achieve this, transformational change is needed. However, we must first assess where we are. 


Before COVID-19, many Wisconsinites struggled to find living-wage jobs, access quality and affordable healthcare, and ensure their children receive a world-class public education. However, this unprecedented health crisis has made these glaring problems even worse. Hundreds of thousands of our citizens are out of work, and many people in our state face compounding crises such as eviction, hunger, contaminated water, and ballooning student loan debt.


The time has come to start speaking clearly and consistently to the aspirations of our fellow citizens in all their diversity. We must embrace the best of Wisconsin’s past and articulate a clear vision for our future. With this in mind, we propose a modern-day Economic Justice Bill of Rights for All Wisconsinites. 


The Economic Justice Bill of Rights for all Wisconsinites states that every person of Wisconsin urban, suburban, or rural; white, African American, APIDA, Latinx, or Native, LGTBTQ+, and people of all ability statuses are entitled to these rights.


An Economic Justice Bill of Rights for All Wisconsinites

All Wisconsinites deserve the right to:

  • An equitable, living-income and livelihood
  • A union, public or private, and collective bargaining
  •  Affordable and accessible high-quality healthcare 
  • Equitable and accessible public education and child care
  • Pollution-free water and a healthy planet
  • High quality, safe housing 
  • Reliable, climate-friendly transportation
  • A fair and equitable justice system
  • Life, self-determination, and liberation regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability status and age
  • Live free from fear of racial, religious, and gender oppression(s)