June 30, 2017

Working Hard for You

Last Wednesday the Assembly was on the floor for over 12 hours debating proposals on a variety of topics.  Many good bills advanced out of the Assembly.  I was pleased to support many bipartisan bills such as one that adds financial literacy into public school curriculums and another that allows youth to accumulate preference points earlier so they have a better chance of receiving a bear tag when they reach hunting age.  There are also a couple of other bills that passed the Assembly that I want to highlight.

Campus Free Speech Act
Our college campuses should be places where students can hear all kinds of different ideas, form their own opinions, and express those opinions freely.  Unfortunately, across the country protestors have been successful in silencing opposing view points and preventing the free speech of others.  That is why I voted in favor of the Campus Free Speech Act, Assembly Bill (AB) 299.  AB 299 directs the UW Board of Regents to adopt a policy on freedom of expression for every campus. The bill also creates disciplinary measures for students who violently disrupt the free speech of others.

The right to speak freely is one of the most important rights we have as Americans.  We cannot allow the freedom of speech to be shut down by protestors just because they do not agree with the views others are expressing.  This bill sends a clear message that free and open debate is encouraged on Wisconsinís university campuses and that attempting to silence the free speech of others will not be tolerated.

AB 299 now advances to the State Senate for further consideration.

Protecting People with Pre-Existing Conditions
I was pleased to join with my Republican colleagues to vote for an amended version of Assembly Bill (AB) 365.  The bill prevents insurance companies from imposing a preexisting condition exclusion under their policy or plan.  Additionally, the bill bars insurance providers from increasing premiums or deductibles for people who have maintained continuing coverage.

AB 365 now moves on to the State Senate for further consideration.

Congratulations to Cadet Boggs!

Earlier this year, I was asked be the mentor to Cadet Austen Boggs as part of his program at the Wisconsin Challenge Academy.  The Challenge Academy is a voluntary alternative education program for at-risk youth, which teaches them the values, skills, and self-discipline necessary to succeed in the world, while also providing a means to complete their education.

One phase of the program is a mentorship component.  Each cadet is matched with a member of the community, who then acts as a friend, companion, supporter and role model to the cadet.  This is done to reinforce the new skills the cadets are learning.  Mentors are also there to support and guide the cadets as they begin the transition to employment, higher education, vocational training, or the military.

Being Cadet Boggs' mentor has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and I am proud to say that I recently attended his graduation from this program.  I am proud of all his hard work and look forward to continuing to mentor him in the year ahead.  Austen now plans to enlist in the military.

Rep. Edming with Major General Dunbar, Wisconsin's Adjunct General and Cadet Boggs

Badger Girls State

Late last week, I was honored to attend the Officers Inauguration Ceremony for American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State.  After the ceremony I was able to meet with constituents Camryn Skabroud, Hazel Peterson, Anna Taylor and Serenity Hetke who were chosen to represent their schools as delegates to this week long event.  It is a prestigious honor to be chosen to participate in Badger Girls State and I hope these four young ladies had an outstanding experience.

Rep. Edming with Camryn Skabroud, Hazel Peterson, Anna Taylor and Serenity Hetke

Indianhead Community Action Agency

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with Jennifer Shearer and George Voldberg from Indianhead Community Action Agency, Inc. During our conversation, they provided an update on all that their organization is doing in Northwest Wisconsin.

Rep. Edming with Jennifer Shearer & George Voldberg from Indianhead Community Action Agency, Inc.

Sawyer County Dairy Breakfast

Last weekend I attended the Sawyer County Dairy Breakfast in Hayward.  Organizers put on a fantastic, family friendly event.  I had a wonderful time and look forward to attending again next year.

Rep. Edming with Sawyer County Farm Bureau Board Members

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

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