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January 23, 2015

A note from Rep. Edming

Welcome to my first legislative e-update. It is truly an honor to have been elected to serve as your  representative for the 87th Assembly District. The people of the district have placed their trust in me and I am committed to serving my constituents during this legislative session. I look forward to working hard for the families, individuals, and businesses in the district. I will be a voice for my constituents in our state's capital and will work for them each day.
 On January 5th, I took the oath of office. I was surrounded by family and friends who made the long journey from the district in order to celebrate with me. It was a humbling experience and I felt proud to have the continued support of family, friends, and constituents from the 87th. I joined 63 Republican members in the Assembly, which is the largest GOP Assembly majority since 1957.
January 5th also began the legislative session. I have been selected to serve as the Vice-Chair on the Small Business Development Committee. I plan to use my experience as a small business owner in order to help create legislation that promotes private sector jobs and worker training programs. Additionally, I am a member of the Committees on Environment and Forestry, Health, Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage, and Veterans and Military Affairs. I'm excited to bring my years of real-life experience to my committees and my work as a legislator. 
My swearing in ceremony was truly a humbling experience.

Assembly Republicans Continue Forward Agenda

This past October, Wisconsin Assembly Republicans unveiled their Forward Agenda.  Its priorities include five areas of reform: building a stronger economy, improving education, creating stronger families and safer neighborhoods, and promoting self-sufficiency and responding to changing technology. The intention of the Forward Agenda is to make Wisconsin a place were more people can work, raise a family, and retire. The Forward Agenda is not only focused on the next two years, but on the next decade. I look forward to working with other legislators to ensure that our state meets these goals so Wisconsin can continue to flourish for future generations to come.
Building a Stronger Economy
Wisconsin needs to grow its economy by improving its business climate, lowering taxes, and cutting red tape. Small business development throughout the state should be encouraged. 
     Growing Tomorrow’s Workforce
 Today's students are tomorrow's workforce. The agenda acknowledges the need to use the recommendations from the Speaker’s Task Force on Rural Schools, especially in the northern region of the state. The Forward Agenda will continue the UW System tuition freeze for in-state undergrads.
 Improving the Quality of Life
 The agenda will focus on parents having the tools they need to have safe and heavy homes. This will include policy that ensures a minimum amount of support in child support cases. Mental health reform will also be continued and expanded in the Speaker’s Task Force on Mental Health.

                                       Pathway to the American Dream

 The agenda focuses on eliminating fraud and duplicity to taxpayer-funded benefit programs. By reducing fraud and duplicity, more resources will be able to be given to families who are the intended recipients.  
 The agenda also focuses on more employment options for those who are recently released from prison. There will an emphasis on creating a path towards independence and reducing recidivism.
                                             Preparing for the Future
Technology is constantly changing and has caused some of our current state policies and consumer protections to become outdated. With this increased technology it is now easier to access state government services, but we must be mindful of cyber security and privacy issues.
Please give us your feedback and contribute your own ideas through the links below.
 Share your ideas at and on Facebook at #ForwardAgenda

This Week in Madison

Yesterday, the Assembly passed a number of bills on the floor pertaining to the judiciary. The following bills all received bi-partisan support, including my vote: 
  • Assembly Bill 2: laying out, altering, or discontinuing a town line highway. 
  • Assembly Bill 3: appealing a municipal court matter after review by a circuit court.
  • Assembly Bill 5: intimidating a witness.
  • Assembly Bill 8: invading an individual's privacy by viewing under or through clothing and providing a penalty.

DNR Update

Deer Trustee Report permanent rule public comment form now available online
To help gather feedback regarding the proposed Deer Trustee Report permanent rule [PDF], an online public input form is now available to gather public comments.
People can complete an input form by searching the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website,, for keyword "deer." The form will remain open for public comment until 12:00 a.m. February 1, 2015.
New regulations and programs, including the Deer Management Assistance Program, were set up under an emergency rule in 2014, and now a follow-up permanent rule package is necessary for the 2015 hunting seasons and beyond.


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