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April 14, 2016

Session Highlights from Rep. Edming

Getting the Job Done for You

From a policy standpoint, my inaugural term has been productive. Three of my bills were signed into law and received wide bipartisan support in both the Assembly and Senate. Wisconsin Act 35 allows public places, other than schools, to store epinephrine auto-injectors for treatment during life-threatening allergic reactions. Wisconsin Act 76 eliminates obsolete Department of Natural Resources administrative code that has not been utilized in 25 years. Wisconsin Act 231 clarifies ambiguity within current statute in order to provide local governments with more explicit authority regarding the placement of both temporary hoses and permanent in-ground pipes in right-of-ways utilized during the transportation of liquid manure. It was a busy session, but I believe that my legislation will have a positive impact on my district. Iím continuing to conduct research on additional legislative priorities that will better serve my constituents.

Bipartisan Votes

Iím proud to share with you that a large majority of the bills that passed through the Assembly received a vote from both parties. In fact, the Legislative Reference Bureau found that more than 94% of Wisconsin laws received bipartisan support this session. Iím a firm believer that good public policy doesnít have partisan labels. When determining whether to support legislation, I look at the merits of the issue and the impact it will have on my constituents, not who authored the bill. I will continue to support legislation that will benefit the residents of the 87th Assembly District, regardless of an authorís party affiliation.

Improving Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Based on meetings with several individuals from the University of Wisconsin System, the Technical Colleges, and University of Wisconsin-Extension, I developed legislation to encourage college students to start businesses. Assembly Bill 732 would waive the initial LLC filing fee for students starting a business in engineering, computer science, alternative energy research, or the hard sciences. If students create a successful business while still in  school, they will be more likely to stay in Wisconsin upon graduation, which counters the ďbrain drain.Ē

This legislation was introduced late in the session and passed the Assembly, but did not have sufficient time to move through the Senate. I believe that we should encourage student entrepreneurs to stay in Wisconsin and I  plan to introduce this bill again during the next session.

Serving My Constituents

I take my constituentsí input seriously and continually work hard on your behalf. I always have your thoughts and concerns in mind when deciphering whether to support legislation. I appreciate when you take time out of your busy schedules to contact me. Based on your feedback, I supported measures that preserved long-term care and SeniorCare programs, eliminated waste, fraud, and abuse in public benefit programs, froze tuition at the University of Wisconsin System for a fourth consecutive year, and expanded ways to combat heroin and opioid addiction. These are just a few of the examples of ways Iíve worked to improve the lives of those residing in the  87th Assembly District. Iíll continue to strive to serve my constituents to the best of my ability.

This Week in Madison

This week, I had the opportunity to meet with three school groups as they toured the State Capitol. Below are photos from Holy Rosary, Flambeau, and Rib Lake's tours. 

Final E-Update for Now

This is my last e-update until after the November elections. Under Wisconsin law, representatives seeking re-election are prohibited from distributing similar materials exceeding 50 or more pieces.

Wis. Stat. 11.1205 (1)(a)

"No person elected to state or local office who becomes a candidate for national, state or local office may use public funds for the cost of materials or distribution for 50 or more pieces of substantially identical material."


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