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Legislature Prioritizes Broadband

This week, the Assembly passed a number of bills that will benefit residents of Marathon County.

The first bill, Assembly Bill 371, will improve the Broadband Expansion Grant Program to speed up the broadband expansion across Wisconsin. This bill will allow the Grant Program to prioritize getting high speeds of 100 mbps down / 20 mbps up to all parts of Wisconsin lagging behind.

Improving access to high quality broadband has long been one of my priorities in Madison. Access to high speed internet unlocks the potential of people and businesses across Marathon County allowing them to actively engage in modern markets, education, and entertainment. These improvements will ensure that the increased funding towards broadband expansion provided for in the budget will be used to most effectively provide broadband to those who need it.

Assembly Bill 56 will benefit the City of Wausau and other municipalities across the state that are facing issues due to an unintended interpretation of a 2017-19 budget provision related to an exemption of certain items from the personal property tax as related to Tax Incremental Districts (TID). 

Local municipalities should never have to sacrifice revenue due to an unintended interpretation in Madison. Fixing this issue will ensure that the City of Wausau is held harmless and recoup $113,421.39 from the state.

Among the other bills passed today are:

SB 120 – would ensure that communities across Wisconsin that “defund the police” see an equivalent reduction in shared revenue from the state to offset the cut.

AB 374 - would ensure that Wisconsin counties and municipalities see their fair share of a potentially imminent settlement in federal court with opioid manufacturers. Under the bill all funds received will be used for opioid addiction mitigation and treatment.



2021 Spring Survey

You may have seen one of my 2021 Spring Surveys show up in your mailbox. If you did not receive one or would like to save a stamp, you can fill out the survey online by clicking here. Questions cover several topics including: medical marijuana, taxes, election reforms, and others. I'd love to hear from you today!



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