Budget Update

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) added to the State Budget a proposal that I co-authored with Senator Jerry Petrowksi to expand mental health capacity at North Central Health Care. This funding will allow our community to better meet the complex mental health needs faced by those with serious mental health issues and those facing serious addiction. The additional funding will allow North Central Health Care to increase the number of patients they can treat and expand their geographic reach to serve neighboring counties and allow those undergoing treatment to remain close to their families as they begin the path to recovery.

The Committee also supported another motion by Senator Petrowksi and I to provide additional Assistant District Attorney support to Marathon County to help with growing caseloads in our county. Last budget this provision was switched by the Governor to support Milwaukee County instead. It is my hope that Governor Evers leaves the provision intact this time. 

The Legislature took additional action on a few other items of note in the State Budget. The Committee voted to:

  • Invest in Wisconsin’s infrastructure including roads, vertical projects, and critical public safety systems by funding transportation at a higher level than the Governor
  • Invest public safety by providing funds for modernizing 911 systems across the state
  • Approve a four year extension of the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program
  • Invest an extra $34 million above the Governor's proposal in our Corrections system

I will continue to provide updates throughout the budget process. Please never hesitate to reach out regarding your thoughts on the state budget. 



Session Update

The Assembly voted to pass Assembly Bill 336 to improve the workforce crisis in Wisconsin. Right now businesses throughout Marathon County and across the rest of Wisconsin are simply unable to find enough employees to effectively operate. I see restaurants and other businesses across our community offering high wages, sign-on bonuses, and benefits typically associated with careers for entry-level service jobs.

Unemployment insurance benefits currently allow claimants to make $16.75 per hour while not working, with a large portion of that income being tax-free. The expanded benefits are due to Wisconsin’s participation in various federal supplemental insurance programs. The legislation would end Wisconsin’s participation in these federal programs. Wisconsin is open and the summer season is in full swing. However, many businesses are struggling to reap the benefits of the reopened economy and summer season because they cannot find employees. It is past time to fix this crisis and help get people back to work.



2021 Spring Survey

You may have seen one of my 2021 Spring Surveys show up in your mailbox. If you did not receive one or would like to save a stamp, you can fill out the survey online by clicking here. Questions cover several topics including: medical marijuana, taxes, election reforms, and others. I'd love to hear from you today!


COVID-19 Vaccine Update

All Wisconsinites age 16 and over are eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. However be aware that, some areas of the state may have a higher demand for vaccinations and may have waitlists. Vaccine providers will prioritize anyone previously eligible such as public-facing essential workers and people with medical conditions.

The Marathon County Community Vaccine Clinic at Northcentral Technical College's Center for Business and Industry is still operating from 11 am to 7 pm, Monday through Saturday. To make an appointment, please use the WI COVID-19 registry.



2019-2020 Blue Books & maps (paper highway maps or laminated maps) are still available in my office! The Wisconsin Blue Book contains information on all things Wisconsin, including census information, state history, official state symbols, and everything about Wisconsin government! Contact me for your free copy today!