Budget Bill Signed 

Yesterday, Governor Tony Evers signed the 2021-2022 State Budget. The biennial State Budget is the most important bill passed by the Legislature each Session it dictates state spending, taxation, and other policies every two years. The Budget that was originally proposed by the Governor underwent extensive revision to replace his $1 billion in tax hikes with a $3.4 billion tax cut, keep state spending at responsible levels, and invest in healthcare and schools.

Despite signing the Budget, the Governor used his partial veto power to veto out of the Budget provisions that would have:

  • provided $50 million in funding for road construction
  • made a $550 million investment in the State's rainy day fund
  • required drug testing for those on unemployment insurance to ensure they get access to the resources necessary for recovery and eventual return to the workforce

Separate from the State Budget the Governor also vetoed a bill that would have used federal aid funds as a loan to keep the Verso Mill in Wisconsin Rapids open and a bill to fully repeal the personal property tax on businesses. 

Despite these unfortunate vetoes, the Budget written by the Legislature will still deliver historic tax cut and unprecedented funding to healthcare and education.  




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