Follow the Law, Medical Tyranny, 2021 Hunting Season Changes


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  2. Medical Tyranny 
  3. DNR - 2021 Hunting Season Changes  
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 Follow the Law

You can view the press release here

On August 3rd the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules (JCRAR) passed a motion that reads: 

JCRAR, pursuant to s.227.26(2)(b), Stats., determines that the policies of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System relating to requirements associated with its response to the Covid-19 pandemic meet the definition of rules under s.227.01(13), Stats., and directs the agency to promulgate its current Covid-19 policies as emergency rules within 30 days, and to promulgate any similar, subsequent policies as emergency rules at the time of their adoption. The requirements subject to this directive include all Covid-19 policies that relate to physical access to system property, as well as all Covid-19 policies under which an individual may be subject to disciplinary action, whether the policies are adopted directly by the agency or by its delegates on a campus-by-campus basis.

The UW System and its member universities have 30 days to submit a rule. September 2nd is the deadline. The UW System is considered a state agency per Wisconsin law and therefore, subject to JCRAR and the state legislature.  

Medical Tyranny 

I am committed to continue to fight for legislation for those who want to maintain bodily autonomy and medical freedom in Wisconsin. 

You may have seen the recent headlines below, dictating to our healthcare workers that they must choose between vaccination and their jobs. 

On Aug. 15th, President Biden is quoted as saying he is "... using the power of the federal government as a payer of health care costs to ensure we reduce those risks to our most vulnerable seniors."

Nursing homes and healthcare facilities who do not comply with the new mandate could see their federal Medicare and Medicaid funding withheld for noncompliance. According to AARP, "Medicaid pays somewhere between 45 and 65 percent of the total nursing home costs in the U.S., while Medicare pays around 20 percent."

Our federal courts have not determined whether this proposed action by the President is even legal.

I encourage all of our healthcare workers to stand in solidarity for medical freedom and informed consent.

If you are a healthcare worker there are resources and groups who are advocating for your rights. 

Wisconsin Healthcare Employees For Medical Freedom - facebook group

National Vaccine Information Center -

Wisconsin United for Freedom -

Attorney Brent Eisberner - Madison, WI - Levine Eisberner LLC

2021 Hunting Season Changes  

On August 23rd the DNR announced the 2021 combined Wisconsin Hunting Regulations pamphlet is now available online

The 2021 deer season schedule is as follows:

* Gun Hunt for Hunters with Disabilities: Oct. 2-10, 2021

* Youth Deer Hunt: Oct. 9-10, 2021

* Gun Deer Hunt: Nov. 20-28, 2021

* Muzzleloader: Nov. 29-Dec. 8, 2021

* Statewide Antlerless Hunt: Dec. 9-12, 2021

* Farmland Zone Holiday Hunt: Dec. 24, 2021-Jan. 1, 2022

Trapping and wolf harvest season regulations will be published as separate documents and available in print and on the DNR website. 

Contacting My Office

My Capitol office is here to help you with general inquiries as well as questions and concerns regarding legislative matters. Feel free to contact me or my staff. We are always ready to assist you in your needs. Please visit my website for press releases and other Capitol updates.