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School Curriculum Transparency

I am happy to report the bill I authored, Assembly Bill 411, received a passing vote out of committee this past week in the Education Committee. Next Tuesday, the bill will be on the calendar for a floor vote in front of the entire State Assembly. 

The main objective of this bill is to empower parents with the knowledge of what is being taught to their children. The bill requires a school district to post their curriculum on their website or provide a paper copy free of charge if a parent is unable to access the material electronically. 

In addition, the bill gives recourse to parents to quickly remedy any prohibited instruction that violates any child's 14th Amendment rights. Parents can petition the Department of Public Instruction to remedy the situation or they may bring a claim against the school district in court. 

Throughout the public hearing on the bill I asked witnesses if they believed there was a line that teachers can cross and many said yes, and there should there be recourse if they do, though no teacher said they did cross that line. The bill addresses the teachers that do cross a line, not the majority of educators who do not.  

The detractors to this legislation say we are stopping teachers from teaching history. This is a gross mischaracterization of the bill and its intent. The bill seeks to reaffirm the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Section 1 of the amendment states, "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." This is known as the Equal Protection Clause. 

Assembly Bill 411 does not restrict teaching and inquiry about the history of racism; it restricts indoctrination, abusive pedagogies, and state-sanctioned racism. Directing teachers not to inculcate beliefs is very different from telling teachers they can't acknowledge the existence of certain ideas. 

The legislation also affects teacher and administrative trainings. We do not want the federal lawsuits in Wisconsin that we are seeing to our neighbor to the south, Illinois. 

In Evanston, a teacher was mandated to attend anti-racist trainings. Staff were segregated based on race in affinity groups where they had to conduct privilege walks. Their anti-racist programming included concepts such as: 

* to accept that white individuals are "loud, authoritative... [and] controlling."

* to understand, "to be less white is to be less racially oppressive."

* to acknowledge that "white identity is inherently racist."

* to denounce "white privilege."

If teachers oppose, question, or disengage from those teachings they are called racist. Even worse, this teacher was told to pass on these instructions to their students and to incorporate these concepts in their lesson plans.  

Blue Books

State of Wisconsin Blue Books are here! Blue Books are a great way to learn about our state and its history. 

You can request your very own copy by contacting my office. 
608.266.3363 or

In the District

The National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children was observed on Saturday, September 18. I was honored to join Deacon Joe Senglaub, Father John Baumgardner, and Pro-Life Wisconsin State Director Dan Miller at Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee to recognize the dignity and humanity of unborn babies killed by abortion.

Before a minute of silence, Pro-Life Wisconsin State Director Dan Miller said that if we took one second to remember the 63 million babies who have died from abortion in America, it would take two full years.

This annual prayer vigil is a reminder that human life is a gift from God. I would encourage you to attend the day of remembrance and pray for a deeper respect for human life.

Contacting My Office

My Capitol office is here to help you with general inquiries as well as questions and concerns regarding legislative matters. Feel free to contact me or my staff. We are always ready to assist you in your needs. Please visit my website for press releases and other Capitol updates.