Important Spring Election Updates, COVID-19


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In This Issue

  1. Poll Workers Needed
  2. Important Spring Election Information
  3. Personal Protective Equipment Buyback Program
  4. Economic Relief Package
  5. Essential Business Designations
  6. Temporary Ban on Evictions and Foreclosures
  7. Ways to Help
  8. State and Federal Resources
  9. Contacting My Office

I'm getting updates daily. I'm going to continue to send out E-Updates to share with you new information as it becomes available.

Poll Workers Needed

We need poll workers for the April 7th election. Understandably, there is a shortage right now. Any registered voter may serve in any town in his/her county. Many working age voters and college students who would otherwise be unable to serve are home right now.

Contact your municipal clerk.

Important Spring Election Information

One of the most common concerns I am receiving with regard to the COVID-19 public health emergency, and the governor's Safer at Home Order, is how it affects the spring elections.

Currently, the election is proceeding as planned.

Our local clerks would like you to request an absentee ballot at

If you are already registered, it takes 25 seconds to request your ballot, and 25 seconds to fill it out, and whatever time it takes to walk to you mailbox. For 99% of you, that takes less time and effort than voting at the polls, and 99% safer for you and your neighbors. You have until April 2nd to request your absentee ballot.

If you are not registered, you now have until March 30th (the deadline has been extended!) to register online, again at Then you can follow the steps above. Do it.


If you must vote early, in-person, below is information on in-person absentee voting for each municipality in the 83rd Assembly District. Refer to your municipality--many have changed their procedures and some are adopting drive-thru voting in an effort to protect the public. Others are enforcing limits on the number of people allowed inside at one time. Please note that most, if not all, other municipality operations are closed to in-person business.

Big Bend

  • Appointment Only
  • Call 262.662.2747

New Berlin

  • City Clerk's Office
  • 8-4:30 (M-F)

East Troy (Town)

  • Town Hall
  • 8-4 (M-F)
  • 4/2-4/3: 8-5


  • Town Hall
  • 8-4 (M-F)
  • 8-4 (3/28)
  • 9-noon (3/29)


  • City Hall
  • 8:30-5 (M-F)

Waterford (Town of)

  • Town Hall
  • Curbside Available
  • 8-4 (M-F)
  • 4/3: 8-5

Hales Corners

  • Village Board Room
  • 3/23-3/27: 10-6 (M-F)
  • 3/30-4/2: 10-5
  • 4/3: 8-5

Waterford (Village of)

  • Village Hall
  • Drive-Thru Only
  • 8-5 (M-F)

Mukwonago (Town of)

  • Town Hall
  • 8:30- 1:30 (M-F)

Waukesha (Town of)

  • Waukesha Town Hall
  • 8-4 (M-F)


  • Muskego City Hall
  • 8:30-11:30 (MWF)
  • 12:30-3:30 (TR)
Stay Safe!

PPE Buyback Program

Governor Evers has announced a buyback program for personal protective equipment (PPE), including much-needed items such as face masks and gloves. As you may know, PPE is in short supply due to a worldwide shortage. Wisconsin has received some PPE from a national strategic stockpile, but it will not be enough. To assist our medical and emergency response efforts, please consider participating if you have surplus PPE.

You can learn more and participate in the program here.

Economic Relief Package

A $2 trillion package is currently working its way through Congress. Provisions in the package include direct payments to individuals, expansion of unemployment benefits, support for impacted businesses, funds for medical and disaster relief efforts, and aid to state and local governments for their COVID-19 response.

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) maintains an excellent summary of these provisions which you can view here.

The package passed the U.S. Senate unanimously. It still requires approval from the U.S. House of Representatives and a signature from President Trump.

Essential Business Designations

I have received many questions and concerns related to "essential businesses" under Governor Evers' Emergency Order #12 (Safer at Home).

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation has a clearinghouse for all essential business declarations, as well as a FAQ that should answer almost any question you may have.

Learn more here.

If you wish to appeal a "non-essential" designation, please do so using the "Essential Business Designation Inquiry" form at the bottom of the page.

A few points merit repeating here:

  • You do not need any special documentation to remain open if your business is outlined in the order as "essential business."

  • You also do not need any documentation to leave home to prove you are out on "essential travel" as outlined in the order. Contrary to rumors, law enforcement officers are not randomly pulling people over or establishing checkpoints. Nevertheless, these provisions of the order are mandatory under the law. Please do not abuse that.

  • Law enforcement agencies around the state are reporting incidents of people impersonating law enforcement officers and pulling people over asking for a permit to be on the road. There have also been reports of scammers impersonating the IRS to collect personal information. Remain vigilant and please report any suspicious activity!

Temporary Ban on Evictions and Foreclosures

Governor Evers has issued Emergency Order #15 today, which imposes a ban on evictions and foreclosures for the next 60 days.

The governor issued this order in the interest of limiting unnecessary social interactions by keeping people in their place of residence.

You can read it here.

Ways to Help

Support Local Businesses

Our local small businesses are going to take a major hit from this situation. You can help them by purchasing gift cards to give them some revenue while we all look ahead to better days.

Donate Blood

The blood supply is running low. Consider finding a blood drive near you and donating.

Help Your Elderly Neighbors

The elderly are going to be hit particularly hard by COVID-19. Volunteering to pick up/deliver groceries and prescriptions with local groups or Meals on Wheels can help them tremendously.

Donate PPE

If you have extra face masks, gloves, etc. lying around, consider donating them to your local health care facility or emergency response services. 

State and Federal Resources

State and federal authorities are assembling policy responses to address the hardships to individuals and businesses affected by COVID-19. Below are some links to resources you may want to bookmark and check regularly.


You can find valuable, up-to-date information from the state government here.

The Department of Health Services maintains a COVID-19 page with updates on the outbreak here.

You can find all of Governor Evers' emergency orders here.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporations (WEDC) approved $5 million for a program to assist small businesses impacted by COVID-19 with some payroll expenses. More information here.


The White House released a set of common-sense recommendations for what we can all do to help slow the virus's spread.

I also encourage you to review the resources below, which contain up-to-date information from the federal government on the outbreak. 




Contacting My Office

My Capitol office is here to help you with general inquiries as well as questions and concerns regarding legislative matters. Feel free to contact me or my staff. We are always ready to assist you in your needs. Please visit my website for press releases and other Capitol updates.