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  1. State Budget Vote

My Vote on the Budget is YES

As your state representative, some votes are easy and some votes are difficult and I appreciate all the input I received from you, the citizens of the great 83rd Assembly District, throughout the budget process. 

My colleagues and I started with a budget delivered by Governor Evers in late February. This budget was a stark contrast to the more fiscally conservative documents delivered under Governor Walker. With that said, my colleagues on the Joint Finance Committee amended the budget significantly, and with additional reforms from the Republican caucus in the last few days, I can say we delivered a  budget that all Wisconsinites, whether urban or rural, should be able to support. 

Due to the positive economic reforms of the last eight years, we have a surplus. We are using these additional funds to invest in education, workforce training, and our infrastructure. Our return on investment will pay dividends as more and more people will come to Wisconsin to take advantage of greater economic opportunities. 

With divided government, Republicans cannot expect to get everything we wanted. This amended version of the budget stripped out the governor's radical policy items, including: 

* Funding Planned Parenthood. 

* Decriminalizing marijuana.

* Providing drivers’ licenses and tuition breaks for illegal aliens.

* Expanding welfare programs, while removing drug testing requirements.

* Placing a cap on the expansion of voucher schools and parental choice.

* Creating 701 new positions in state government - including the request for additional auditors. 

* Free internet to welfare recipients. 

Below are some of the reasons why I believe this budget will be beneficial to the voters of the 83rd:

* A middle class income tax cut of over $450 million.

* Prioritizing over $500 million more to K-12 education - 65% of total spending in the budget.

* Maintaining the tuition freeze at our state's universities. 

* Meeting the demands of road spending with the lowest level of bonding for roads since 2001, without raising the gas tax.

* An increase to special education funding by 22% and doubling the funding for student mental health services.

* Lowering your property tax bill more than the governor's proposal.

* Improves caregiver wages and reimbursement levels for nursing homes to protect our vulnerable population.

* Strengthens the "rainy day" fund to over $600 million. 

No budget is perfect, but my colleagues and I believe this budget prioritizes spending more accurately, while reducing your tax burden and not caving into the most radical policies from our Democrat Governor. I look forward to chatting with each and everyone of you at the parades and ballparks this summer as we continue to move Wisconsin forward. 

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