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Constitution and Ethics Committee Update

This past week the Assembly Committee on Constitution and Ethics held a public hearing on two state constitutional amendments. To amend the constitution the legislature must pass the resolutions in two consecutive legislative sessions before it is placed on a statewide ballot for all voters to decide. 

Assembly Joint Resolution 112 - relating to expenditure of moneys Wisconsin receives from the federal government (first consideration). 

Here is an example of testimony the committee received. 

The second resolution heard in the committee was Assembly Joint Resolution 117 relating to accounting and expenditure of state funds and reduction of deficit (first consideration).

You may be aware that the our country's national debt topped $30 trillion this week. We may not be able to count on our federal government for funding in the near future. It is imperative our state's finances are in order so that the state of Wisconsin can meet the responsibilities and the financial obligations it has made to its citizens. 

Medical Freedom Press Conference

I had the honor of joining several of my colleagues, medical professionals, and concerned citizens of Wisconsin to advocate for the freedom to make the best medical decisions for doctors and their patients.

Throughout the pandemic, several medical professionals contacted me to say their medical advice and care were being disregarded by hospital administrators. My colleagues and I will introduce legislation in the following weeks to take a stand for the medical professionals who have had their reputations and medical licenses threatened for working to provide solutions to help heal their patients. 

In the District

I was happy to welcome constituents from the 83rd Assembly District to discuss credit unions. In addition, in the photo below, members of the Farm Bureau from Waukesha County provided an update on agriculture policies before the State Assembly. Thank you for your advocacy!

Contacting My Office

My Capitol office is here to help you with general inquiries as well as questions and concerns regarding legislative matters. Feel free to contact me or my staff. We are always ready to assist you in your needs. Please visit my website for press releases and other Capitol updates.