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Special Session  Assembly Bill 1 

S.S.A.B 1 Foxconn incentive package

On July 26th, President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Governor Scott Walker, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senator Ron Johnson and Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou announced that Foxconn chose Wisconsin as a site for one of its manufacturing plants.  

The project will directly employ 13,000 workers in Wisconsin, once fully operational, and the project will require an estimated $10 billion of capital investment to construct and equip the facility.

This is by far the largest economic development investment in the history of Wisconsin. This also is the largest corporate attraction project in U.S. history as measured by jobs, and the largest greenfield project - as measured by jobs - involving by a foreign-based company in U.S history. This more than a single facility or company. This is a once-in-a-century investment that will create a new high-tech manufacturing and technology ecosystem in the United States, with Wisconsin serving as the leader.


On August 1st, 2017 the Assembly held a press Conference to announce that Special Session Assembly Bill 1 (Foxconn Bill) had been released and then referred to the committee on Jobs and the Economy.  



 On August 3rd 2017 the Committee on Jobs and the Economy held a 10 hour public hearing on Special Session Assembly Bill 1 (Foxconn Bill) to hear public testimony and thoughts about this new piece of legislation.  

Some of the facts that were touched upon in the hearing were that:

Employment: The project will directly employ 13,000 workers in Wisconsin, once fully operational.
Wages: Project employees will earn an average of $73,500 in total compensation, including estimated wages, overtime, and benefits.9 This includes base wages of $53,875. The direct labor income impact will be $956 million per year.
Supplier purchases: The project is expected to purchase $4.26 billion of nonlabor operating inputs annually. Of this, an estimated one-third will be sourced from within Wisconsin, based on trade relationships in the IMPLAN model including locally-sourced raw materials and other inputs.
Taxes: The analysis estimates that Project employees will pay $65 million per year in state and local axes on their incomes, purchases, and property.


This legislation also: 

• Allows WEDC to establish a single “Electronics and Information Technology Manufacturing Zone” in the state for a period of 15 years
• Removes duplicative state approvals over federal wetlands within such a zone
• Requires that any adverse impacts to a federal or nonfederal wetland functional values within such a zone are to be mitigated on a 2:1 ratio, 66% more stringent than what is required under state law
• Expands already existing exemptions to certain permitting requirements to include construction, access, or operation of a new manufacturing facility located within such a zone

In regards to environmental standards, this bill does not:

• Make any environmental permitting changes that apply statewide
• Modify requirements under the federal Clean Air Act or Clean Water Act
• Reduce or modify any existing air quality standard
• Exempt any business from any air quality standards
• Reduce or modify any water quality standards
• Exempt any business from any existing water quality standards

From an environmental standpoint, this is a common sense proposal. Foxconn is required to meet the exact same, very stringent air and water quality standards as every business in the state. In the event that any wetland is impacted, those impacts will be more than made up for through the creation of additional wetlands in our state.


To look at the public testimony  provided to the committee click here and click here for the taped public hearing.  


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                  Executive Session and then Floor date 


Today the committee on Jobs and the Economy will hold an Executive Session at 3 pm.  To watch the hearing live click here.  At the Executive Session committee members will be voting on different amendments proposed and then ultimately they will vote on passage.  If Special Session Assembly Bill 1 passes through the committee, then the bill will be brought to the floor on August 17th.  To follow the floor session on Thursday August 17th click here.   


I am a co-sponsor of this bill and I am happy to support this legislation when it comes to the floor for a vote.  Foxconn will help out our state and will be bigger than anything we have seen in this state thus far.  This is the largest investment in Wisconsin's history and I am glad to be a part of the process.  

While I do support the bill and intend to vote in favor of the bill, I am more than happy to hear any thoughts or concerns about this legislation.  Please do not hesitate to contact my office either by email or by phone.  I love hearing from constituents on important matters, especially on important issues such as this one.  


For further information on this bill click here for a Fiscal Bureau analysis on the Foxconn Bill, here for the Legislative Council memo on the Foxconn Bill, here for Legislative council memo on Assembly Substitute Amendment to the Foxconn Bill , and here for the Fiscal Bureau analysis of Assembly Substitute Amendment to the Foxconn Bill.  


If you have any comments regarding the subject of this E-Update, please feel free to contact me and do not hesitate to share this with your friends.   

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