Welcome to my e-update February 16,2018


1. Passage of SEWFRC Bill 

2. Upcoming Legislation

3. Constituent  


Passage of Assembly Bill 911!


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The bills author Rep. Chuck Wichgers on Assembly Bill 911 was pleased that the Assembly passed the Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission bill during their floor session February 15, 2018. This investment of $100,000 allows the commission to make grants for necessary projects and improve the water quality of the Fox River system.



Upcoming Legislation:

On Monday, February 19th Rep. Wichgers the Assembly lead author will be testifying to The Committee on Environment and Forestry on Assembly Bill 935. This legislation will allow an owner of waterfront property the opportunity to remove a certain amount of sediment every year from inland navigable waters, without needing a permit from the DNR. This gives the owner the opportunity to perform yearly removal along their shoreline. 


Over the past month I have received many emails, phone calls, and faxes from constituents about important issues. As always thank you for communication with my office.



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