Welcome to my e-update June 22, 2017


1. Pharmacy Bill, Now Law 

2. Assembly Bill 260

3. Upcoming  

AB 182/SB 126 

On June 21 Governor Scott Walker Signed my bill into law.  SB 126 removes old, outdated, and unnecessary language from the Pharmacy Examining Board statute.  This law is a part of the Red Tape Review process and helps pharmacists in their practice.  

Bill Signing 62117 57.jpgBill Signing 62117 58.jpg

Assembly Bill 260  

Assembly Bill 260 gives chiropractors the ability to perform sports physicals, delegate authority, and codifies their ability to perform DOT physical examinations.  

AB 260 went through an executive session, passed, and then was subsequently taken up on the Assembly Floor on June 21 where it then passed by voice vote and now proceeds to the Senate.

 Due to their extensive education and clinical training, chiropractors are fully qualified to perform physical examinations and sports physicals.  

In addition to allowing chiropractors to practice what they are already qualified to do, this bill gives the parents the choice of seeing a Medical Doctor or a Doctor of Chiropractic for a sports physical.  I firmly believe in allowing the parents to be their own medical advocate and to choose who they wish to have as their primary care doctor.  

Ultimately the parents know best and are the most qualified to take care of their children.    

 AB 260 Executive Session 2.jpgAB 260 Executive Session.jpg




                                    Upcoming .  

Most of the budget motions have already been submitted and now the committee is going to focus on education, taxes, and transportation.  These are important issues and will take time. 

While the committee is taking on these important issues, please feel free to reach out out to my office at anytime. I love to hear what you have to say and how you think these issues should be resolved.    

My job in Madison is to represent you.  


Feel free to read the budget and offer any comments to our office. 



If you have any comments regarding the subject of this E-Update, please feel free to contact me and do not hesitate to share this with your friends.   

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