Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In December of 2013, you put your faith in me to represent you in Madison, and I made a promise to my constituents that I would work to limit the size and scope of government, reduce wasteful spending, and help bring jobs to the state.

I look forward to continuing this positive momentum that Wisconsin has seen. We must continue to do work in the legislature that will lead us down the path of fiscal prosperity. In the coming weeks and months, and throughout my career in the legislature, I pledge to make that my goal.

In order to achieve that goal, we must work together. To best do that, I want to hear from you.  Please feel free to call or email me at any time. Whether you’re having a problem with a government agency, want to voice your opinion on a piece of legislation, or need a citation, I’m here to serve you.  I want to know what you think can be done to make Wisconsin a better place to work and live.

I promise that I will continue to listen and faithfully represent you as your voice in Madison.


Ken Skowronski State Representative

82nd Assembly District