Schools need our continued support

by Rep. Dave Considine

September 12, 2019

Today, the Wisconsin Student Assessment System results were released, showing results from various exams such as the ACT and the Forward Exam. These overall results showed a slight decrease in student proficiency in English language arts and mathematics.

This is indicative of years of underfunding and undervaluing our public schools, teachers, and students. When students come to school without basic needs met (food, clothing, sleep), society expects the schools to fill that gap. If this gap isn’t filled, students will struggle to be college or career ready when they graduate. Filling this “gap” means meeting every individual’s need, and right now students are entering the classroom with more challenges than ever before.

The 2019-2021 budget was an important down payment on the investments we need to make to provide the supports students need. These supports vary depending on the school, but can range from transportation to and from school, to lunch costs, to teacher salary increases ensuring our educators are competitively compensated, to smaller class sizes, and even to having appropriate seating for students.

I promise to continue to advocate for our students so they receive the supports they need and deserve.