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Over the summer, I toured a variety of farms across the state including a cooperative farm that is growing hemp. 

Farm Succession Plan Bill

On September 3rd, I introduced my farm succession plan bill, which would fund two staff positions in the University of Wisconsin System to provide farm succession planning services to farmers and their families.

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As our population of farmers and producers grow older, the state is presented with unique and difficult challenges. One such challenge is farm succession. Many families struggle to agree on what to do with their farm or find it difficult to talk about the topic at all. The Department of Agriculture, Transportation and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension currently have some staff in place to help farmers and their families work through their succession concerns and find a plan to fit their situation. But with an increase in demand for these services, we should provide more staff to meet this need. This bill does so by providing two additional full-time staff, one at the Center for Dairy Profitability, and one at the Farm and Risk Management Team at the Division of Extension.

Assembly Speaker's Task Force on Adoption

On May 28th I was appointed to the Assembly Speaker’s Task Force on Adoption. The goal of the task force is to address barriers that biological and adoptive parents face throughout the adoption process. The task force traveled Wisconsin this summer to hear from those involved in every step of the adoption process, and each person presented ideas on how we can make improvements. Over the next couple of weeks, the task force will be looking into possible legislation to provide solutions to some of the issues we heard. These ideas will then be considered by the Assembly as a whole. You can follow the actions of the task force using the link below. 
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Medicaid Expansion

As you may know, the 2019-2021 biennial budget passed without Medicaid expansion. Because of this and the support of a vast majority of Wisconsinites, Senator Jon Erpenbach and Representative Daniel Riemer introduced Senate Bill 361 last month. This bill would expand Medicaid benefits to 133% of the federal poverty level.

In the 2019-2021 Biennium, Wisconsinites will pay more than $2 billion in federal income taxes that other states will use to expand their Medicaid programs. By expanding Medicaid in Wisconsin, we are helping those who need it most right here in our state. That is why I am a proud cosponsor of SB 361. The bill is waiting to be heard in the Senate Committee on Public Benefits, Licensing, and State-Federal Relations.

Some Assembly Required

The Assembly Democrats have a new podcast in which you can stay up to date on recent legislation! Some Assembly Required is a weekly podcast hosted by Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz. Each week a Representative is invited to join and talk about an issue they are passionate about.

I was invited on for Episode 5 of Some Assembly Required to discuss my experience as a special education teacher and related issues. You can subscribe to the podcast and listen to that episode on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or SoundCloud.

Constituent Services

With summer coming to an end and the Fall Legislative Session drawing near, my staff and I are always ready and willing to help you. Please feel free to reach out to my office with any questions or concerns.

Additionally, here are some materials that my office can provide to my constituents at no cost:

  1. 2019-2020 Wisconsin Blue Book 
  2. Wisconsin Road Map, laminated
  3. 2019-2020 Wisconsin Road Maps, folded for travel
  4. How a Bill Becomes a Law, a workbook guide to law-making in Wisconsin
  5. Wisconsin Assembly Coloring Books 

If you would like to request one of these items, click here, or contact my office directly at Rep.Considine@legis.wi.gov or (608)266-7746.

DNR Updates
  • The Wisconsin DNR has a free Hunt Wild Wisconsin mobile app. This app has resources including maps with hunting zones to find your next hunting spot, where to find deer carcass disposal locations, a summary of regulations, and much more. The app can be found on the iTunes app store, Google Play Store, and the DNR website.
  • The DNR is urging the public to be aware of recent online hunting and fishing licensing scams. The DNR is aware of at least two websites that appear to offer fishing or hunting licenses. After paying a fee, the consumer only receives information on how to apply for a hunting or fishing license. The only places to purchase a valid fishing or hunting license is through the DNR’s website or from independent stores and shops that are authorized by the DNR.
  • On September 14th the archery and crossbow hunting will begin. The DNR wants to remind hunters to consider having the deer they harvest tested for Cronic Wasting Disease (CWD). For information on how the DNR can help you test for CWD, you can visit their website in this link.
Upcoming Listening Sessions/Office Hours

 With the Fall Legislative Session approaching, I will be holding listening sessions and office hours to hear from you. Stay tuned in the following weeks for more information!