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February 9, 2018


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Things happening in the district & around Madison

Snow Glow 2018
Friday, February 9th

Elver Park Neighborhood Center
1201 McKenna Blvd.

Madison Parks Foundation and Madison Parks present, Snow Glow 2018! No school? No problem! Make a day and evening at Elver Park and join us for free, family-friendly winter activities! All events are free to attend.

Animal Tracks Family Walk
Sunday, February 11th

UW Arboretum
1207 Seminole Highway

Animal tracks are easy to spot in the snow and mud. If neither are present, we will look for animal trails through the vegetation. Free, no registration required. Meet at the Visitor Center.


Make Valentines at the Library
Monday, February 12th
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Meadowridge Library
5726 Raymond Rd.

Join Ali to make valentines for your friends, family or yourself! Supplies provided. Drop-in. No registration required.


West Madison Senior Coalition Free Lunches
February 6, 7, & 8

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Meadowridge Library
5726 Raymond Rd.

Nutritious meals are offered to those 60 and older. The meal is served at noon and participants must arrive on time. The suggested minimum donation is $4.00 but participants are encouraged to pay what they can afford. Transportation to the meal is available with an additional $1.00 donation. Meal and bus reservations or cancellations should be made by noon the preceding day by calling 238-0196.


Wednesday, February 14th

Lussier Community Center
55 S. Gammon

Play and art materials will be provided and especially chosen to encourage highly engaged, self-determined play. When kids are done, they'll create a Play Story depicting their play that day. Messy clothes recommended. Open to all ages.


Chess Club
Wednesday, February 14th
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Meadowridge Library
5726 Raymond Rd.

Learn how to play chess and play against others with varied levels of experience. Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult.


Homelessness: The Homeless in Madison with speaker Tami Fleming
Wednesday, February 14th

Attic Angel Place Community Room
8301 Old Sauk Rd.

The public is invited to hear Tami Fleming, who coordinates volunteers at THE BEACON, the new day resource center for persons experiencing homelessness in Madison. Sponsored by a group of Attic Angel residents.

Knitting at the Library
Thursday, February 15th
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Meadowridge Library
5726 Raymond Rd.

Learn to knit or bring your current project. Supplies provided. Children under 8 must have an adult present.


Literacy Network
Thursday, February 15th
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Meadowridge Library
5726 Raymond Rd.

Improve reading, writing and computer skills! Call Ezi at 244-3991 Ext 10 to register, space is limited.


New Moon Night Walk
Thursday, February 15th

UW Arboretum
1207 Seminole Highway

Since there is no full moon in February, we will walk with no moon in sight. A naturalist will guide you as we explore the night sky and sounds. Bring a small flashlight. Free, no registration required. Meet at the Visitor Center.


Storytime for the Very Young
Friday, February 16th
10:30 am - 11:15 am

Meadowridge Library
5726 Raymond Rd.

Enjoy stories, songs and rhymes. No registration required. (For children ages 0-30 months.)

Game Night at the Library
Friday, February 16th

Alicia Ashman Library
733 N High Point Rd.

Whether you bring your own or use what's there Board Games are never boring at the Library's Friday Night Meet Up for some Friendly Competition.


Black History Month Celebration
Thursday, February 22nd

Elver Park Neighborhood Center
1201 McKenna Blvd.

Families, friends and community members are invited to join us in celebration of Black History Month. Dinner and family-friendly activities will be provided.

Visiting the Capitol
Whether you are planning a visit to the state Capitol as part of a large group, small gathering, or just by yourself, our office can assist you in scheduling a free guided tour of the Capitol building during normal business hours.

Free tours are offered daily, year round. Tours depart from the ground floor Information Desk Monday through Saturday at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 am and 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 pm; and Sundays at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 pm. A 4:00 pm tour is offered Memorial Day through Labor Day. The sixth floor museum and observation deck are also open during the summer months.




Dear Friends and Neighbors,


This week, the Assembly Committee on Public Benefits reform met again to vote on legislation that chips away at the safety net for Wisconsin’s most vulnerable families. Unfortunately, the bills all passed on a party-line vote. Read on for an update about these bills.

In this week’s newsletter, you will also find an announcement of Local Wage Act legislation I introduced this week and everything you need to know in order to vote early in the upcoming spring primary election.

If you have any questions or need assistance with any matter, please feel free to contact my office.


Lisa Subeck
State Representative
78th Assembly District


Local Wage Act: A Living Wage for Where You Live
On Tuesday, Senator Dave Hansen (D- Green Bay), Senator LaTonya Johnson (D-Milwaukee) and I introduced the Local Wage Act which would repeal state statutes that prohibit local communities from establishing a local minimum wage and enacting local family and medical leave standards.

One in four Wisconsinites works a job that pays a poverty level wage. While the cost of living continues to increase, workers are held captive by a $7.25 an hour minimum wage that is not tied to inflation and has not seen an increase since 2009. While federal and state law provide unpaid family and medical leave protections to some employees, 40% of workers do not have access to a single day of paid leave, and many have no access to any paid or unpaid leave at all. Currently, our state laws do not allow local communities to raise the minimum wage or guarantee workers have access to paid leave.

No one who works hard should have to be poor, nor should any working person have to choose between their health or the health of a loved one and their job. In the hands of Republicans, state government has failed its citizens by not raising wages and not addressing a lack of guaranteed paid leave. It is time to restore the ability of local elected officials to set wage floors that are reflective of the cost of living in their communities and to address the challenges faced by workers who need to take time off when they or their children are ill.

Click here to watch WKOW 27’s coverage of our announcement.


Latest Republican Power Grab
On Wednesday, the Assembly Committee on Local Government held a public hearing on AB 748, which takes away the ability of local communities to enact ordinances or enforce existing ordinances regarding employment discrimination, workforce protections, and other measures that ensure fairness in the workplace.

The state has an important role in protecting our workforce and enforcing workplace standards, but we should set the floor, not the ceiling on things like employee protections and living wages. City Councils and Town and Village Boards know the needs and values of their own communities and are in the best position to make these decisions.

At the public hearing, we heard from community members, local officials, and advocacy groups who were particularly concerned about how this bill would impact equal opportunities protections and enforcement in the City of Madison, Dane County, and other places throughout the state that currently have broader laws than the state to protect their residents from employment discrimination. For instance, the state does not prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or student status and provides limited protection based on age. The City of Madison’s law does not allow discrimination on these bases. Additionally, if the state law passes, Madison and other municipalities would not be able to investigate and take enforcement action when discrimination is alleged.

Madison’s equal opportunities ordinance has been in effect for almost 55 years and has not caused problems for residents or businesses. It is disturbing that Republicans would want to interfere with a system that works so well for our community.

Also at the hearing, we heard from big business and special interest groups like Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. It became crystal clear based on their testimony that the Republicans who are pushing this bill are doing the biddings of big, national corporations and the special interest lobbyists that represent them. Democrats pushed back with questions to further reveal the corporate interests behind these bills and stood up for the putting people ahead of special interests.

Governor Walker and Republicans have enacted over 160 measures that are unfunded mandates on local cities, villages, towns, or counties or that prevent local governments from acting on behalf of their communities. With AB 748, Republicans are again meddling in local affairs by tying the hands of local elected officials who are in the best position to make decisions on behalf of their communities and their constituents.


Governor Walker’s $90 Million per Year Plan to Demonize the Poor Advances
Earlier this week, the Assembly Committee on Public Benefit Reform passed 10 special session bills requested by Governor Walker that limit access to our safety net for Wisconsin’s most vulnerable families. The 10 bills are estimated to cost more than $90 million each year, with millions more in upfront costs to implement the changes.

The bills do nothing to address the needs of hardworking Wisconsin families who are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make ends meet. If Republicans were serious about helping working families, they would increase access to transportation and childcare, expand education and job training opportunities, and raise wages.

Instead, Governor Walker and Republicans believe they can rile their base ahead of the 2018 election by demonizing those who need a little help, so they are all too willing to spend $90 million per year of taxpayer money plus millions more in start-up costs to do little more than kick struggling families when they are already down.

The bills are now available to be voted on by the full Assembly. The Senate versions of the bills will be voted on next week by the Senate Committee Public Benefits, Licensing and State-Federal Relations.


Bill Update: Two Authored Bills Advance
On Wednesday, I testified to the Committee on Local Government on AB 836, a bi-partisan bill I authored to ensure that as Dane County grows, laws designed specifically for Milwaukee County will not be arbitrarily applied to our county as well. To learn more about the bill, you can click here to read my testimony. The Assembly bill will be voted on in committee next week, and the Senate version has already passed out of committee and awaits a vote of the full Senate.

Another bill I authored, SB 676, received a public hearing and was passed by the Joint Finance Committee. SB 676 would create a grant program for counties, non-profits, and tribes to fund initiatives that support foster families as they strive to provide normalcy for Wisconsin’s foster care population. This legislation will help us retain foster families and support foster children by providing flexible funding that may be used for necessary resources, specialized training to meet individual needs, and to cover expenses that help foster children achieve normalcy.

This bill was a part of the Foster Forward package of bills that came out of the Foster Care Task Force I served on last year. These bills are important first steps in improving the lives of children and families in our foster care system. The Foster Forward bills now await votes in both the full Senate and Assembly.


Early Voting Is Underway
The Spring Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, February 20, and there is a statewide Supreme Court election on the ballot. Depending on exactly where you live, you may also have a primary election for County Board, School Board, or other local offices.

You do not have to wait until February 20 to cast your ballots. In-person absentee voting for the election has begun in Madison and will continue through Sunday, February 18, at the Madison City Clerk’s Office and additional locations throughout the city. To learn more about in-person absentee voting, including locations and times, please click here.

Absentee ballots are also available by mail. Everything you need to know to receive a ballot by mail is available via the Madison City Clerk by clicking here.

Remember: You must present an acceptable photo ID card to vote in Wisconsin. Click here to find out if you have the correct identification and to get information on how to obtain a free Wisconsin State ID Card for voting purposes.

Click here to see what is on your ballot.

Click here to read the “Candidates’ Answers” on the League of Women Voters of Dane County website.

Note: If you vote outside of the City of Madison, you will need to contact your local city or village clerk’s office for absentee voting locations and times.


Visit from High School Student Leaders
Yesterday, I met with students who are members of their schools Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) including groups like, Future Business Leader of America, Future Farmers of America, and HOSA-Future Health Professionals. These groups push students in their academic engagement, civic engagement and self-efficiency all while incorporating the value of community service. CTSOs help provide unique opportunities to students such as competitive events, networking opportunities, internships and scholarships.


Event Notice: The Homeless in Madison and “The Beacon”
A group of Attic Angel residents are inviting the public to hear Tami Fleming, who coordinates volunteers at the Beacon, the new day resource center for persons experiencing homelessness in Madison.

Tami Fleming founded the Friends of the State Street Family--a Madison-based, all volunteer homeless outreach organization and now serves as the volunteer Coordinator for Catholic Charities, focusing now on the new city day resource center “The Beacon.” Click here for more information on The Beacon.

Event Details:
Time: 10:30am
Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Place: Community Room at Attic Angel Place, 8301 Old Sauk Road (near Junction Road and Old Sauk).


Wisconsin Fun Fact: Black History Month
In recognition of Black History Month, February’s fun facts will highlight pioneering achievements and contributions of African Americans with a connection to Madison. Black History Month gives us all an opportunity to recognize the significant contributions people with African heritage have made and continue to make.

In April of 2015, City of Madison Alder Barbara McKinney (left) and Alder Sheri Carter (right) did something that had not been done before in the 159 year history of the City of Madison – they became the first African American women to be elected to the Madison City Council. Since their elections, Alders McKinney and Carter have worked to bring our community together and continue the hard work that must be done to end racial disparities.

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