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 June 30, 2015


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Things happening in the district & around Madison


Elver Park Fireworks

Thursday, July 2


1250 McKenna Blvd


Madison Parks and the City of Madison are happy to present the annual Elver Park Fireworks Celebration. The celebration is a free, family-friendly event. Fireworks will begin at 9:30 p.m. in Elver Park and will last approximately 30 minutes. Guests may bring a picnic or enjoy one of the vendors onsite beginning at 7:00 pm.


Parkwood Hills  4th of July Parade

Saturday, July 4


John Muir School parking lot


Bike decorating starts at 9 a.m., and the parade kicks off at 9:30. Following the parade, come to John Muir for games, food and fun. Remember to bring your helmets!


Country Grove Red, Bike & Blue Parade

Saturday, July 4

Every 4th of July, our neighborhood shows its patriotism by having a parade. The parade begins at the park and routes throughout Country Grove. Kids deck-out their bikes, wagons, strollers and just about everything else to celebrate America's birthday. If you don't want to participate in the parade, come on out to cheer the participants on. The parade is usually led by a Madison Police car. After the parade, treats are served at the park.


Meadowood 4th of July Picnic & Parade 

Saturday, July 4

The annual parade brings out many children and families from the neighborhood. There is always a "theme" so the children can dress up and decorate their bicycles and other transportation.  Prizes for the best costumes and decorations are given for three age groups and group entries.  ALL children get treats for participating. The parade route runs from the Good Shepherd parking lot, down Balsam to Leland, Leland to Thrush, Thrush to Iris Lane, and back to the Good Shepherd Church parking lot.  It starts at 10:30 a.m. on each 4th of July.  The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is located on the corner of Whitney Way and Raymond Road.


Each 4th of July afternoon, at 1:00 p.m., the Meadowood Neighborhood holds a free picnic (to members) at Elver Park's old shelter.  The picnic serves all you can eat potato salad, a meat/bbq dish, hotdogs, beans, chips, pickles, and soda.  Door prizes are donated by area businesses.  Guests are welcome to attend with area families for an entry fee.


Greentree 4th of July Picnic Gallop/Parade/Picnic

Saturday, July 4

Falk Elementary-Norman Clayton Park


It's the biggest event in the Greentree year! We pull out all the stops for July 4 and all the neighbors and invited to come on out and enjoy the fun!!


Bring your families, wagons, bikes, strollers, anything on wheels…all decorated to celebrate the spirit of July Fourth! Parade marchers assemble at Falk Elementary and goes to Norman Clayton Park with a fire truck and police escort.


The Fourth of July picnic will start right after the parade. Buy food tickets for the hot dogs and brats along with chips, soda and ice cream sandwiches! Relax and enjoy catching up with your neighbors. Games for the kids and entertainment as well. It’s a great time!


Wisconsin Union Presents: 4th of July on the Terrace

Saturday, July 4


800 Langdon St.

Memorial Union


Celebrate 4th of July on the Memorial Union Terrace. Featuring local musical favorite Gabe Burdulis, Professor Shakhashiri and the Science of Fireworks, the Mazo Movement and Arts Center Stilt Walkers and the Amazing 12 Foot Trout!


West Side Farmers Market

Saturdays, April 18th to November 14th 7AM - 1PM

Hill Farms DOT Building Parking Lot

University Ave. & Segoe Rd.


Health Insurance Enrollment and Exemption Application Assistance.

 Thursdays, until August 31st

10 am - 3 pm


Dane County Job Center

1819 Aberg Ave., Madison  


Consumers can walk in for assistance or make appointments by calling Covering Kids & Families at 608-261-1455.




Dear Friends and Neighbors,


We have much to celebrate with last week’s historic U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Read on for more about these victories and what comes next.


I’d like to wish you a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. Whether you are meeting up with family near or far, heading to a neighborhood parade, or catching the Elver Park fireworks, please enjoy your celebrations of our nation’s independence.


In this week’s newsletter, you will find more information about last week’s Supreme Court rulings, the latest Republican attempt to drive down wages, a budget update, and a look at a few events from last week.


If you have any questions or need assistance with any matter, please feel free to contact my office. 



Lisa Subeck

State Representative

78th Assembly District


SCOTUS Ruling: Love is Love

On Friday the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a ruling in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, ruling that state prohibition of same-sex marriage violates the U.S. Constitution. At long last, who you love will no longer determine whether you have the right to marry and form a family. Friday’s ruling brings long-awaited marriage equality for all committed and loving couples in our state and across the nation.


While we celebrate this victory for same-sex marriage, we must continue working for equal rights, beginning with the removal of Wisconsin’s discriminatory ban on same-sex marriage from our own State Constitution. I was proud to stand with my Democratic colleagues yesterday as Representative JoCasta Zamarripa and Representative Mark Spreitzer, both LGBT members of the Legislature, as they introduced a bill to remove Wisconsin’s now unenforceable ban on same-sex marriage from our state Constitution.


SCOTUS: Affordable Care Act is Here to Stay

The U.S. Supreme Court also ruled on another landmark case last week, King v. Burwell, upholding key pieces of the Affordable Care Act. The ruling is a significant victory for the 166,000 Wisconsinites whose access to affordable health care was in jeopardy. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision, these 166,000 residents of our state, including 11,000 children, will maintain affordable health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act.


Unfortunately, tens of thousands of hardworking Wisconsinites remain without access to affordable care thanks to the actions of the Governor and the Republican majority in the Legislature. The Republicans’ blatant refusal to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid has blocked the expansion of affordable health care to another 81,000 Wisconsin residents and cost the state $360 million in savings over the next two years and an excess of $2 billion over the next 10 years.


Last week’s ruling should serve as a reminder to Republicans that it is time to stop putting politics before people and the presidential ambitions of one Governor ahead of what is best for Wisconsin. It is time for legislative Republicans to step up and do what is right by accepting the federal funds for health care.


Budget Update

It has now been over a month since the Joint Finance Committee has met. Republicans continue to delay the budget process and clearly will not meet the June 30 deadline by midnight tonight, as they fight amongst themselves and negotiate behind closed doors. Neither Democrats nor the public have been included in the debate.        


With a $250 million cut to the University of Wisconsin system, an estimated loss of $800 million for neighborhood schools over the next 10 years, sweeping changes to the state’s long-term care programs, and massive cuts to the Department of Natural Resources and other vital services currently included in the Republican budget proposal, a few key topics remain on the table. These include transportation funding, funding for a downtown arena in Milwaukee, and tax revenue. It is abundantly clear that whatever the Republicans put forward on these items, their proposed budget in its entirety will be a disaster for our state.


While we continue to wait for Republicans to get their act together so the Joint Finance Committee can resume its work on the budget, Democrats are committed to fighting for a fair budget that restores economic opportunity for hardworking Wisconsin families, ensures every child has access to a top-notch education, and is reflective of our shared progressive values..  


Assembly Republicans’ Prevailing Wage Proposal

Yesterday, Assembly Republicans put forward a new proposal that would significantly weaken Wisconsin’s prevailing wage law. Our current law sets a minimum wage, based on prevailing wages for similar work, that must be paid to workers on publicly funded construction projects. Most public projects are awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, and establishing a minimum rate for construction workers on these projects helps to level the playing field, guaranteeing that contractors compete based on skill and productivity rather than how little they pay their workers.


Wisconsin’s current prevailing wage law works for Wisconsin’s small businesses, ensures hardworking Wisconsinites earn family-supporting wages, and protects the public from shoddy workmanship on our roads, bridges, and other public infrastructure. The latest Republican proposal to weaken our prevailing wage law stands to drive down wages and hand over Wisconsin jobs to out-of-state contractors and workers.


With an already shrinking middle class, the Republicans’ proposed changes to the prevailing wage will only make it more challenging for the hardworking men and women who build our state’s infrastructure to keep a roof over their families’ heads and food on their families’ tables.


New Additions on the Southwest Side

Last week marked the opening of some new resources on Madison’s southwest side. 


I had the pleasure of attending a grand opening for the new Theresa Terrace Neighborhood Center. Theresa Terrace residents have been working tirelessly over the last few years to make this center a reality. Program offerings will offer children recreational and educational activities and will serve as a safe place when children are not in school. The celebration at the new center in the heart of the Theresa Terrace neighborhood drew a large crowd, and I look forward to seeing the center play a critical role as a neighborhood gathering place.


I also attended the Meadowood Neighborhood Center and Meadowridge Library’s open house to celebrate their remodeled space. The changes that have been made offer more space and resources for our community.


It was great to see our community come together in celebration of these great new additions to the southwest side. I want to thank Alder Matt Phair for all of his hard work on these projects and for his commitment and service to the southwest side.


Calling for the Resignation of WEDC’s CEO

Last week, I joined Senator Julie Lassa and Rep. Peter Barca, the two Democratic appointees to the WEDC board, for a press conference calling on the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) Secretary and CEO, Reed Hall, to resign. The call for Hall’s resignation stems from Wisconsin’s lagging jobs performance and WEDC’s refusal to provide board members with critical information in light of recent allegations of mismanagement and corruption at the agency.


The most recent documents released indicated that WEDC had handed out $124.4 million in grants and loans to companies without even conducting a formal staff review of these businesses. These documents shed additional light on a loan given to one company at the behest of top aides to Governor Scott Walker and indicated that the company desired to use state funds to pay off an unpaid loan to another state and pay off a car loan to a Maserati dealership.


WEDC has maintained a constant presence in the news recently after an audit indicating gross mismanagement, and a Wisconsin State Journal investigation shed light on possible pay-to-play activity at the agency. The State Journal investigative report revealed that a $500,000 loan was given to one of Walker’s major campaign contributors after top Walker aides pushed for the loan to be granted.


Democratic board members, Representative Peter Barca and Senator Julie Lassa, have also called on U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and U.S. Attorneys to investigate. Dane County District Attorney Ishmael Ozanne is reviewing the audits regarding WEDC and is determining whether to open an investigation, as well.


25 Years of ADA

On Thursday, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 25th Anniversary Legacy Tour stopped in Madison. The ADA Legacy Bus is stopping in cities all over the United States to help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


I had the opportunity to visit with representatives from disabilities groups that do work in Dane County and across Wisconsin. One thing was clear throughout my conversations: people with disabilities are concerned about the Republicans’ proposed changes to long term care in the state budget.


Last month, Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee passed significant changes to Wisconsin’s long-term care system. If passed by the full legislature and signed by the Governor, the changes passed last month by Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee will create new entities known as Integrated Health Agencies (IHAs) to replace Wisconsin’s current Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). These would be regional entities that put the level of localized and specialized care seniors and individuals with disabilities currently receive in jeopardy. There are many unanswered questions about how this would be implemented, but it is clear that the changes would put the high quality long-term care individuals now receive at risk.


No More “Cooling Off” Period for Handgun Purchases

Last week and just days after the horrific mass shooting in Charleston, Governor Walker signed SB 35, repealing Wisconsin’s 48 hour waiting period for handgun purchases. The waiting period saved lives by serving as a critical “cooling off” period to prevent impulsive acts of violence.


Wisconsin families want to know that they and their children are safe whether they are home, at school, at work, or out in the community. By signing SB 35, Governor Walker removed critical protections to prevent impulsive violent acts, putting domestic violence victims at additional risk and opening the door to more senseless and unpredictable acts of violence.


On the heels of the nation’s most recent mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, people across the state and throughout the nation are again calling for sensible gun laws that keep our families safe. Instead, Governor Walker and the Republican legislative majority are putting lives at risk by repealing Wisconsin’s 48 hour waiting period for handgun purchases.


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