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Dear Friends and Neighbors,


It’s been another interesting week here in the Capitol! I am sure yesterday’s ruling that temporarily blocks the legislation passed during the lame duck session is on everyone’s minds, as is the exciting news that Governor Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul have moved to withdraw Wisconsin from the lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act. We have also seen lots of interest in the Governor’s budget proposal. 


This week’s newsletter provides some information about the lame duck ruling, an update about the Governor’s capital budget proposal and his new health equity council, everything you need to know to vote early, and more.


If you have any questions or need assistance with any matter, please feel free to contact my office. 



Lisa Subeck

State Representative

78th Assembly District

In This Weeks Update:

Big News: Judge Blocks Republican Power Grab

Health Equity Council

Building Commission

Early Voting is Underway

Capitol Visit

Fun Wisconsin Fact

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Big News: Judge Blocks Republican Power Grab Legislation

On Thursday, a Dane County judge ruled to temporarily block the legislation passed during the extraordinary lame duck session called by Republican legislators last December. This means that all of the laws that sought to override the will of the people by limiting the authority of the Governor and the Attorney General are invalid, at least until the court finishes hearing the case. This is a victory for the people of Wisconsin, and for the legitimacy of our democracy.

The Governor has already withdrawn Wisconsin from the multi-state lawsuit that seeks to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and we look forward to additional developments.. Meanwhile, the Republicans have already appealed the injunction, and what happens next remains to be seen. I hope that we can move past this disappointing chapter in Wisconsin’s history and get back to working on the problems facing our state.  


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Health Equity Council

This week, Governor Evers signed an executive order creating a Health Equity council. This is a clear step forward on health care access and equity. 

Wisconsin has received an overall grade of “D” for health disparities by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. This is unacceptable, and we must ensure that all Wisconsinites have access to the same high quality health care, regardless of race, income, or zip code.

The Governor’s new Health Equity Council will seek to address these statewide issues, and work to make our healthcare system fairer and more equitable. If anyone is capable of turning a “D” into an “A” grade, it is the former superintendent of our public schools, and the creation of the Health Equity Council is a great start.

If you are interested in serving on the Governor’s Health Equity Council, you should submit a cover letter and resume to govappointments@wisconsin.gov by April 30th, 2019.


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Building Commission

Last week, the Republican controlled State Building Commission rejected each and every project included in Governor Evers’s budget proposal. Projects included uncontroversial, badly needed, and typically bipartisan proposals such as updating veterans’ homes, improving state parks, and building a new cancer research center. This is disappointing, unprecedented, and nothing but pure politics. Never in recent memory has the Building Commission rejected a Governor’s capital budget proposal outright. This means the capital budget will proceed to the Legislature with no recommendations, further polarizing an already partisan process.

To be clear, the capital budget is different from the Governor’s biennial budget addressing state operations and goes through a slightly different process. This is the first step of the capital budget process, and I am hoping that discussions moving forward will result in more rational decision-making.


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Early Voting is Underway

In-person absentee voting has begun for the April 2nd spring election! You’ll find candidates on the ballot for State Supreme Court, Madison Mayor, and other local races depending on your location.

See here for hours and locations where you can vote early between now and March 31st. Early voting locations include the City Clerk’s office and area libraries like Alicia Ashman, Meadowridge, and Sequoya.

Looking for a sample ballot or need more information about voter registration? The offices and candidates on your ballot can be found at https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/.


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Capitol Visit – WI Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

It has been another busy week in the Capitol with office visits from a number of constituents and advocacy groups. Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting with representatives of the Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (WAND).

WAND understands how important it is that children have access to clean drinking water. One way to help ensure this is by including water filling stations in schools. This makes a real difference for students’ water consumption – one study found that when schools provide free water by a non-fountain source, the percentage of kids who drink water doubled. This helps children’s overall health and keeps their growing bodies hydrated.

That is why I am excited that Governor Evers’s budget proposal includes a $500,000 grant to help schools purchase water filling stations. During a visit to Huegel Elementary School earlier this month, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes promoted this important initiative. Clean drinking water is a basic need and should be readily available to our kids in school.



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Fun Wisconsin Fact

March is Women’s History Month, a great time to highlight the contributions women have made to Wisconsin’s history. Lorraine Hansberry was a playwright who attended UW-Madison in the 1940s.  The first play Hansberry finished, called A Raisin in the Sun, was about a Black family living in Chicago and struggling against racism and housing discrimination. A Raisin in the Sun opened on Broadway in 1959, where it was performed 530 times before closing in June 1960. Hansberry was the first Black woman to have a play produced on Broadway.


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Things happening in the district & around Madison:

Meet Muriel Simms
March 23, 2019

1 pm
Goodman South Madison Library

Author Muriel Simms will share some of the stories she collected for the book from the descendants of twenty-five early African American families who settled--survived and thrived--in Madison, Wis., in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

Wisconsin Film Festival Sneak Peek
March 23, 2019

2 pm 
Alicia Ashman Library

You're invited to a free preview of the 21st Wisconsin Film Festival (April 4-11, 2019). Watch trailers of this year's films, learn about the ins and outs of the festival from festival organizers, and bring your questions about the festival.

Mayoral & School Board Candidates Forum
March 24, 2019

6:30 pm
Lake Edge Lutheran Church, 4032 Monona Drive 

Paul Soglin and Satya Rhodes-Conway answer questions about their vision going forward for Madison.

Movie: Served Like a Girl
March 27, 2019

1:30 pm
Alicia Ashman Library

Director Lysa Heslov's Documentary provides a candid look at several American women as they transition from active duty to civilian life after serving tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wisconsin Transit Riders Alliance
March 25, 2019

11 am - 1 pm
201 W Mifflin St Madison

A yearly face-to-face meeting of transit advocates from all over Wisconsin. Guest speaker is Representative Debra Kolste (Janesville), ranking member of the Assembly Transportation Committee

Read to A Dog
March 28, 2019

4 pm 
Alicia Ashman Library

The Alliance of Therapy Dogs generously provides reader-dogs, especially trained to be gentle, good listeners. Bring a favorite book (or find one at the library!) and read aloud to a furry friend. Time slots available on a first-come, first-served basis. (No pre-registration available).


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