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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Preparations for next session continued this week which started with a virtual training session for my incoming freshman Assembly Democratic colleagues, and will continue next with the caucus as a whole.

Next week promises to be busy as well with the Legislative Council Study Committee on Public Disclosure and Oversight of Child Abuse and Neglect Incidents and the Campaigns & Elections Committee scheduled to meet Thursday and Friday, respectively.

Additionally, next week, Governor Evers's third Budget Listening Session is scheduled for Tuesday, December 8, at 6 p.m. This session will focus on the topic of Criminal Justice Reform. You must register in advance to attend this virtual listening session.

As for this week's e-update, it includes an overview of the study committee, information on Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment, and the conclusion of Wisconsin's deer hunting season.

Please have a safe and healthy weekend, and if you have any questions or need assistance with any matter, please feel free to contact my office.



Lisa Subeck
State Representative
78th Assembly District

In This Weeks Update:

Legislative Council Study Committee Is Set to Conclude

The Recount is Finished!

It's Open Enrollment Time

Deer Hunting Season Ends

Wisconsin Fun Fact

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ls_wiseye.pngLegislative Council Study Committee Is Set to Conclude

On Thursday, December 10, the Legislative Council Study Committee on Public Disclosure and Oversight of Child Abuse and Neglect Incidents will meet for the final time. I was appointed to this study committee this summer, and have been working with other legislators and stakeholders examining the statutory requirements created by 2009 Wisconsin Act 78.

This statute implemented a mechanism for public disclosure and legislative oversight of certain incidents of child abuse and neglect. We are also determining whether any modifications should be made to the process or requirements, and at this final meeting we will decide on our recommendations to send to the legislature. Once the referral has been made, it is up to the legislature to decide if changes to the statute should be made, and if any of the recommendations should be brought forth as legislation.

Study Committees meet each biennium during the Legislature’s interim in even-numbered years, and their purpose is to research and explore issues more in depth than can usually be completed in the standard legislative session calendar. It has been an honor to work with this group of people to try to ensure the best possible outcomes for some of Wisconsin’s most vulnerable citizens.

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electionresults.jpegThe Recount Is Finished!

The recount that was initiated by the Trump campaign in Dane and Milwaukee Counties wrapped up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

While the Trump campaign paid $8 million for this recount to occur, the result of the recount increased President-elect Joe Biden’s margin of victory by 74 votes (to 20,682) here in Wisconsin, while 3,298,041 total ballots were cast.

Wisconsin Elections Commission Chair Ann Jacobs and Gov. Tony Evers certified the results on December 1st, as prescribed by law. The Trump campaign is still pursuing lawsuits challenging the results here in Wisconsin, and in other states.

Thank you to all election officials, postal carriers, and volunteers who worked diligently to make this election possible and uphold our confidence in our election system.

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It's Open Enrollment Time

Open enrollment, the annual period to enroll in a health insurance plan through HealthCare.gov or an agent, began November 1 and ends December 15. If you are in need of health insurance coverage for 2021, I encourage you to explore the options available on the marketplace to find a plan that fits your needs and budget.

There are more Options for health insurance in the individual market for Wisconsinites  since the launch of the Wisconsin Healthcare Stability Plan. Governor Tony Evers fully funded this bi-partisan plan in the 2019-2021 biennial budget, and it has not only helped increase insurance options across the state, but has also decreased costs for consumers.

If you already have a health insurance plan purchased through an agent or on HealthCare.gov, you are encouraged to take a second look at the options for 2021. Even if you didn’t find a plan that met your needs before, I encourage you to look again at your options now.

Assistance is available for free to all Wisconsinites who need help selecting a health insurance plan. You can call 2-1-1 or visit WisCovered.com to find free help from an expert. Individuals can also work directly with a licensed insurance agent to buy an individual plan if they choose not to use HealthCare.gov.  If you would like to explore your options by county, please visit the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance’s Map of Comprehensive Health Insurers - Individual Market.

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Deer Hunting Season Ends

Wisconsin’s 2020 gun deer season, which began on November 21st, concluded Sunday, November 29th.

This year, hunters across our state registered 188,712 white-tailed deer, which was an increase of 16% over 2019. 85,340 bucks and 103,372 antlerless deer were harvested this year. 569,203 gun deer licenses were sold, an increase of 0.6% over last year.

Unfortunately, there were nine injuries and one death reported this year due to firearm involved injuries in Wisconsin.

Save for one or two days of wind and rain, the DNR reported excellent hunting conditions around the state, including a hunter-friendly covering of snow in much of northern Wisconsin. Hunters also benefited from an earlier start to the season, a greater percentage of crops harvested, and generally good weather across the state.

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Wisconsin Fun Fact

Did you know that the design of the razor that likely lives in your bathroom was first invented by a Wisconsinite? King C. Gillette was born on January 5th, 1855 in Fond du Lac. While growing up in Chicago, he and his family survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

While an earlier version of the safety razor was introduced in the 1870s, Gillette made advancements to that razor, and designed the high-profit-margin stamped razor blade made from carbon steel sheet, which he sold for $5 at the time. Gillette and his associates were able to come up with a way to make thin, sharp, and cheap steel in to blades, and attach it to a handle.

He established the American Safety Razor Company in 1901, which became Gillette Safety Razor Company in 1902, and placed his picture and signature on the packaging becoming one of the most universally recognized people of his time.

Sales continued to increase as the years went by. The US Government bought a Gillette razor kit for each American soldier in World War I.

Gillette later sold the company to an associate, even while his name remained in the brand. He died on July 9th, 1932 in Los Angeles. Gillette remains a leading brand of razors and personal care products, owned by Proctor & Gamble.

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