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 Representative Taylor talking with a constituent at her Medicaid Expansion Town Hall.

Dear Friend,

The Joint Finance Committee has concluded our public hearings on Governor Evers’ “The People’s Budget.” At every public hearing, whether it was Janesville or River Falls, Green Bay or Oak Creek, the public turned out in overwhelming support of this budget because it invests in them, their schools, their families, their roads, and their communities. We are thrilled by the public’s response, but certainly not surprised.For far too long the priorities of the people have been subordinated and we finally have a budget that truly reflects their desires. 

Unfortunately, Republican leaders have put their fingers in their ears and declared that they are throwing out 131 provisions from the Governor's budget, including the Medicaid expansion proposal, which is supported by 70% of Wisconsinites. Medicaid expansion is the tool that allows us to increase BadgerCare eligibility to 82,000 more Wisconsinites, save $324 million in state dollars, and attract a total of $1.6 billion in federal funding. This proposal is absolutely critical for the health and lives of so many Wisconsinites. It is time for the Republicans to put politics aside, and prioritize the people of this state. 

More about this and the Joint Finance Committee can be found in the "Committee Update" section below. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office with any legislative questions or concerns. 


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Rep. Chris Taylor

76th Assembly District


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Representative Taylor at Governor Tony Evers' Milwaukee Listening Session listening to Wisconsinites discuss the K-12 education budget.

Legislative Update
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Representative Taylor with Representative Robyn Vining, Representative Melissa Sargent, Representative Samantha Kerkman, and Representative Shelia Stubbs on the Assembly Floor.

Protecting Public Health by Protecting the Planet

Whether it is Governor Evers’ declaration of 2019 as the Year of Clean Drinking Water, support for the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship fund, or protections for wildlife, environmental conservation has been the number one topic I have heard about from my constituents this legislative session. I can assure you, environmental conservation is one of my top legislative priorities and I have many bills to improve the health of our environment that I will roll out over the next couple weeks and months.

I have already introduced 3 major proposals to reduce pollution and protect public health. In addition to the single use plastic ban bill that we introduced a few weeks ago, Senator Mark Miller and Representative Katrina Shankland joined me in introducing legislation that would enact a statewide ban on styrofoam products. These products take over 500 years to decompose, leach harmful chemicals into our environment, and are one of the leading causes of urban and water pollution.

We also introduced a bill that would allow local municipalities to regulate the use of pesticides. Pesticides don’t stay where they are sprayed. They travel through our air and water, and can impact human health.In addition to being harmful for pets, children, and pregnant women, overuse of pesticides is causing the extinction of several insect species. These species may be small, but they can have a huge impact on our state’s ecosystem. This bill gives municipalities another tool in their tool box to protect their communities from these toxic and harmful products. 

Committee Update

Now that the Joint Finance committee has concluded our public hearing tour, we will begin committee budget deliberations next week. We anticipate voting will begin on May 9th at 11 am in room 412 East of the State Capitol, although no official notice has been given at the time of this newsletter.

The Joint Finance Committee Co-Chairs Alberta Darling and John Nygren released a memo last week indicating that the very first motion the Republicans will propose is a sweeping disposal of 131 provisions from the Governor's budget. This includes Medicaid expansion, medical marijuana legalization, fair elections with a nonpartisan redistricting process, increasing the minimum wage, and countless other incredibly popular proposals. Once again, Republican legislators showed a complete disregard of the will of the people. 

Medicaid expansion is widely and overwhelmingly supported by the people of Wisconsin. By expanding Medicaid, 82,000 more Wisconsinites will be eligible for BadgerCare, and some of those individuals are completely uninsured currently. This plan will draw in just over $1 billion of federal funds to the state and allow us to save $324 million of state funding. That $324 million is then reinvested in health care services such as dental care, mental health and behavioral health care, addiction treatment services, and youth tobacco use prevention, postnatal maternal and infant health, lead remediation to reduce childhood lead poisoning, and increasing caregiver wages and nursing home reimbursement. That allows us to draw down even more federal dollars totaling around $573 million dollars. That plus the roughly $1 billion we receive by expanding Medicaid brings in a total of $1.6 billion in new federal funds to Wisconsin. 

This should be a no-brainer. Expanding health care coverage to more people for less, is a win-win solution. This should not be a partisan issue, yet Republicans continue to throw public opinion to the wayside and follow Robin Vos' marching orders. 

It is not too late to act. There is still time to stop this reckless move, and some Republican JFC members may still be movable. This link shows how much each county could receive in new investments by expanding Medicaid. Some of these Republican districts would be hit hard by the failure of this proposal. So call, email, write, visit, and tweet the Republican JFC members, and show them that your voice will not be ignored. 

Our Community

Rep. Taylor Hosts Constituent Office Hours

On Friday, May 10th I will be hosting office hours for my constituents at Barriques on Monroe St from 10 am to 12 pm. I will be in the back meeting room, so please feel free to grab a cup of coffee and join me. Whether it is to discuss the budget, legislation, or happenings in the community, I would love to see you!

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Rep. Taylor and Rep. Shelia Stubbs Stop By Campus

On Tuesday, Rep. Shelia Stubbs and I stopped by the UW Campus to talk to students about higher education funding in Governor Evers’ budget. I always appreciate an opportunity to hear from our students. It was clear from our discussion that we are all concerned that Wisconsin was recently reported as the 4th lowest state for per-pupil funding for our UW System. This is a historic low for our state. Governor Evers invests $150 million back into the UW System, including funding for the tuition freeze and reallocating performance based funding to improve faculty pay. This is absolutely critical to get our UW System back on track. It’s time to reinvest in the Wisconsin Idea and make Wisconsin a national leader in higher education once again.



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Contacting My Office

My capitol office is here to help you with general inquiries as well as questions and concerns regarding legislative matters. Feel free to contact me or my staff. We are always ready to assist you in your needs. Please visit my website for press releases and other Capitol updates.