Representative Hong intends to legislate through an intersectional framework that functions as a megaphone for District 76. Because of her professional and lived experience, Francesca understands that in order to dismantle the systemic economic inequalities, inequities, and historical divisions in our communities, we must implement bold and progressive policy. That policy must center: 

  • Economic Justice
  • Social Justice
  • Racial Justice
  • Climate Justice
  • Workers' Justice


As a megaphone for her constituents, Representative Hong understands that the voice of the 76th must shape and drive legislation that is enacted in the 2021-2022 Assembly session. In order to do this, she pledges to:

  • Maintain an Open Door Policy
  • Meet with Grassroots Stakeholders
  • Run a Constituent First Legislative Office
  • Host Monthly Town Halls
  • Maintain Transparency 


In this Wisconsin State Assembly there needs to be leadership that is Responsive, Accountable, and Proactive. In order to do this we must reimagine our caucus into one that reshapes the political narrative into a working class narrative. Representative Hong will strive to address the issues that effect the working class. Issues like housing for all, climate justice, educational equity, racial equity, and universal broadband for example, will take center stage in her legislative agenda.