Rep. Meyers Memorial Day Message So today I hope everyone will take a moment to reflect on those that have fallen in service to our great nation
Recognize Our EMS & First Responders I believe that we have to give credit, where credit is due and the EMS and First Responders in Northern Wisconsin deserve to be recognized for their dedicated service to our community
Meyers Statement on Wisconsin’s Nursing Home Reimbursement System Wisconsin has the worst Medicaid reimbursement system for skilled nursing facilities in the nation
Celebrating Earth Day Earth Day is the perfect time for us to reflect on the benefits that we reap from living in such a wonderful natural environment, but it is increasingly important to look forward and protect these special places for future generations
REP. MEYERS TO TOUR LOCAL FARMS IN PRICE COUNTY AND HOLD LISTENING SESSION Agriculture is a very important component of the Northern Wisconsin community and it is the backbone of the state’s workforce.
Senator Bewley and Representative Meyers Bill Signed Into law I was extremely pleased to have this bill signed into law. It was a joint effort from Senator Bewley and I, as well as the Town of La Pointe and Ashland County,
Rep. Meyers Votes Against Destructive Water Bills We have long recognized that the rivers, lakes, and streams of this state belong to all Wisconsinites
ep. Meyers Appointed to Ranking Democrat on Aging and Long-Term Care Committee Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) appointed Rep. Meyers to the position because of the enthusiasm and dedication Meyers has exemplified in working with seniors in Northern Wisconsin.
Bewley and Meyers Bill Passes Legislature Senate Bill 104, authored by Senator Janet Bewley (D - Delta) and Representative Beth Meyers (D - Bayfield), allowing the Town of La Pointe to enact shoreland zoning ordinances, passed the State Assembly this week a
Meyers Response to State of the State When states around us are thriving, we are held back by a degrading infrastructure, insufficient resources for education, and workers saddled with student debt unable to contribute fully to economic growth