Rep. Meyers Applauds Coastal Management Grants for Northern Wisconsin

Today, Governor Tony Evers announced that $1.5 million in grants would be allocated to local, state and tribal governments, regional planning commissions, universities and nonprofit organizations through the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program. The program aims to protect and improve the Great Lakes resources across coastal communities, like those across Northern Wisconsin.

Rep. Beth Meyers released the following statement on the grants:

“As a state representative, an executive committee member of the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus and someone who grew up a stone’s throw from the shores of Lake Superior, I’ve seen how the Great Lakes provides so much for our coastal towns and cities. Protecting and maintaining these grand fresh water lakes is so important to the area’s natural heritage and to the economy.

“We need our Great Lakes to be healthy and vibrant. We rely on these lakes for tourism, recreation, transportation and so much more. In Northern Wisconsin, we take pride in caring for our natural resources while still using the shoreline for economic development. With this investment, we can continue to balance the two and preserve the natural beauty of Lake Superior for generations to come.”

Here is a list of the following projects that received grants in the 74th Assembly District:

Project Name: Comprehensive, Outdoor Recreation and Coastal Resources Planning
Applicant: City of Washburn
Grant Amount: $26,880

Project Name: Creating a Building Inventory for Northern Ashland County to Facilitate Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Applicant: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Grant Amount: $52,647

Project Name: Kreher Park Redevelopment: Public Access
Applicant: City of Ashland
Grant Amount: $29,268

Project Name: Phase 2: Investigating Sources of Cyanobacteria to the Chequamegon Bay Region of Lake Superior
Applicant: Northland College
Grant Amount: $59,667

Project Name: Restoring Habitat Along Washburn’s Lakeshore
Applicant: City of Washburn
Grant Amount: $15,750

Project Name: Unified Development Ordinance and Zoning Updates for Coastal Resource Protection and Water Quality
Applicant: City of Ashland
Grant Amount: $15,000

Project Name: NWRPC Technical Assistance and Coastal Outreach
Applicant: Northwest Regional Planning Commission
Grant Amount: $20,000

If you have any questions or would like further information on any specific project, please contact Rep. Meyers office at or (888) 534-0074).