Rep. Meyers Appointed to Governor’s Broadband Task Force

Today, Gov. Tony Evers signed an executive order to create the Governor’s Task Force of Broadband Access. According to the Governor’s office, the task force will advise the governor and the State Legislature on broadband actions and policy, including strategies for successfully expanding high speed internet access to every residence, business and institution in the state; initiatives for digital inclusion; and pathways to unlocking and optimizing the benefits of statewide, affordable access to broadband for all communities in Wisconsin.

Rep. Beth Meyers, a former member of the Legislative Council Study Committee on Rural Broadband and the ranking Democrat on the Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities, was named as one of four legislators to the task force. Rep. Meyers released this statement following the announcement:

“I’d like to thank Governor Evers for prioritizing this issue. For those of us living in rural Wisconsin, we’ve seen how limiting it can for communities to not have adequate internet access. Broadband is no longer a luxury—it’s a basic necessity, now more than ever.

“Access to high-speed internet means so much for folks in my district, especially as the pandemic is hitting us. We have an aging population who could really benefit from regular telemedicine. All children, no matter their income or geography, need internet access for their education, whether schools can reopen or not. We need to build up our economy and make rural Wisconsin a place where workers want to live and raise families, but that won’t be possible without this critical infrastructure.

“I look forward to working on this issue with stakeholders from around the state. Since taking office, broadband funding and access for Northern Wisconsin has been one of my top priorities. This is not a partisan issue. Broadband access for every Wisconsinite is something all of us can agree on and work towards”