Rep. Meyers Dedicates Watercolor Painting to Saxon Harbor

State Representative Beth Meyers dedicated one of her watercolor pieces to Iron County Forest Administrator, Eric Peterson, as a thank you for his work on the Saxon Harbor Marina and Campground. “After 5 years of construction and over $14 million in investment, I was elated to see the harbor looking better than ever,” said Rep. Meyers “I was happy to dedicate one of my paintings to Iron County as the culmination to an end of a long journey. From tragedy came triumph and I am honored to represent such a resilient community. Eric Peterson was an integral part of the reconstruction efforts and I commend him for his outstanding leadership.”

On July, 2016, Saxon Harbor was destroyed along with 85 boats and 30 campsites. Heavy rains sent a wall of water and mud from a creek which washed out roads and bridges, making search and rescue missions extremely difficult for all first responders. Due to the flooding, residents lost wells, the town of Gurney was landlocked, and several people were stranded.

In the wake of the tragedy, government agencies from the county to the federal level mobilized resources to rebuild Saxon Harbor. Iron County, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Wisconsin Emergency Management, the state departments of Transportation and Natural Resources and the Federal Highway Administration all came together; dividing tasks to effectively and efficiently build back the harbor.