Labor Day Column

Every Labor Day, I write a column to commend and show gratitude to the hard-working men and women of the 74th Assembly District. Last year, I opened my column with “This Labor Day, we are more than six months into a global pandemic that has changed all of our lives.” Now, a full year and nine months later and we are still grappling with the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. It is hard to find continuity in today’s day and age. So much of what we do now is based on the evolving circumstances of the virus.

Through the mess of this past year and the rocky recovery we embark on today, one through line remains a constant in an ever-changing world: working men and women who push us forward. “Forward” is a word so deeply engrained in the people of Wisconsin, we display it on our states flag. Since it was adopted in 1851, Wisconsin’s motto has been a reminder that forward progression and change would not wait for Wisconsin.

We could not move forward without our labor force pushing us toward a better future. But progress, moving forward, the direction itself, does not always mean we will move in a straight line. There is nuance in who moves forward and whether we move collectively or as individuals. In so many ways, Wisconsin workers show us how we can do both.

To every ICU nurse and medical professional who supply oxygen to keep people alive and wear makeshift protective gear during shortages of PPE to keep themselves and their families safe: despite the worst conditions, they move forward.

To the business owners moving to the Northland to start a new business to provide for themselves and sell the product that is just the thing someone was looking for: adjusting to shut downs, mask mandates, and local health guidance, they move forward.

To the retirees who have worked for decades and deserve to live out their days with dignity: age old wisdoms shared with the younger generations move us all forward.

To the parents who now have to take on more care duties while their children can’t always attend in-person school or daycare and the caregivers of aging or sick family members who sacrifice so much to care for their loved ones: the work that is being done to care for those that need it moves us forward.

This Labor Day, let us remember as we continue down the long road of recovery from the pandemic, working men and women, young and old, families and individuals, have brought us this far. Without their dedication and sacrifices, we would be a far different state and in a far different place. This Labor Day, thank you to everyone who labors to keep Wisconsin moving forward!

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