Rep. Meyers’ Statement on the State of the Tribes Address

MADISON – Rep. Beth Meyers (D-Bayfield) released the following statement on the 16th Annual State of the Tribes Address at the State Capitol:

“I represent the 74th District in Northern Wisconsin, which encompasses three of Wisconsin’s 11 federally recognized tribes. I was incredibly moved by the words and calls to action of Chairman Ned Daniels Jr. of the Forest County Potawatomi, who gave this year’s address.

“Daniels spoke about working together to achieve shared goals. Native Americans and non-Natives, Democrats and Republicans can all agree we need to do more for clean air and water, fighting the destructive opioid epidemic, expanding broadband throughout the state, investing in our children and so much more to ensure a better tomorrow for future generations.

“I’m grateful to all the tribal representatives who made the trip to Madison to attend this week’s events. This coming together of our sovereign governments is an important tradition I look forward to every year.”