Rep. Meyers Statement on Nationwide Protests

BAYFIELD—Rep. Beth Meyers of the 74th Assembly District released the following statement regarding the death of George Floyd and the ongoing protests throughout the country:

“My heart breaks for those who knew and loved George Floyd, yet another black man unjustly killed by law enforcement.

“I have never personally experienced the fear for ones safety that comes with the everyday reality of living as a person of color. However, I have seen firsthand what can happen when a system values some lives more than others. It is all part of a history of systemic racism that we cannot ignore, one we can only dismantle by hearing and acknowledging the experiences of those who live it.

“The violence that has sprung from the largely peaceful protests has saddened me. No one should be taking advantage of this movement to sow discord by attacking the livelihoods of so many and taking focus from the lessons we sorely need to learn.

“Going forward, we must listen to the experiences of others with open hearts and minds. We must be prepared for difficult and uncomfortable conversations as we evaluate our long-held ideas. Throughout this pandemic, I’ve seen the best of our citizens in Northern Wisconsin. The communities I represent have gone the extra mile to take care of one another and advocate for those in need. I have no doubt that these same communities can thoughtfully address these issues with compassion, respect and empathy.”