Rep. Meyers’ Statement on Flood Mitigation Bill

MADISON – Yesterday, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 266, a bill that would allocate funds to support the design, implementation and evaluation of demonstration projects to test natural flood reduction practices in Ashland County. The bill’s author, Rep. Beth Meyers (D-Bayfield), released the following statement:

“In 2016 and 2018, there were catastrophic floods in Northern Wisconsin. There was tens of millions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes and businesses, and worse, lives were lost. I attended two funerals of flood victims, and I hope those are my last.

“I’m so proud to be an author of this bipartisan bill, a great first step toward mitigating the damage that flooding can do to an area. This legislation funds more of the great work already being done in Ashland County to create effective and inexpensive solutions to flooding damage using natural infrastructure of the wetlands.

“I was fortunate enough to tour a wetland pilot project site with the Wisconsin Wetlands Association Executive Director Tracy Hames on John Cruzan’s 200 acre property just south of Ashland. These projects will provide valuable information on the benefits of wetland solutions throughout Wisconsin.

“We are all aware of the increase in these weather events and their severity due to our changing climate. We must work on solutions now for an uncertain future. I’m pleased we’re taking this bipartisan, innovative step forward toward flood mitigation.”