Rep. Meyers Recognizes First Responder of the Year

MADISON – Rep. Beth Meyers (D-Bayfield) released the following statement regarding Bayfield Deputy Sheriff Andrew Mika receiving the First Responder of the Year honor for the 74th Assembly District:

“First responders across the state of Wisconsin put their lives on the line regularly to keep their communities safe, and it’s important to acknowledge their service and sacrifice. I was especially proud to recognize Deputy Sheriff Andrew Mika from Bayfield County for his heroic actions this year and his distinguished career.

“I’ve been told by his superior and peers that Andrew is professional, dedicated and committed to his work in the Bayfield County Sheriff’s Office. Earlier this year, he was the first responder on the scene to rescue a man trapped on a sinking boat. He promptly rushed into the water to swim after the man and saved his life.

“Andrew is a credit to his profession, his hometown and the state of Wisconsin, and I thank him for coming to Madison today.”