Right to Work Assembly Debate Continues in Madison

By Ryan Burk, WSAW-TV (Channel 7)


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If there is one thing that democrats and republicans seem to agree on Thursday it's that Right to Work will have a big impact on the state. But whether that impact will be positive or negative is what's being hashed out during the Assembly debate.
And while the debate plays out inside the assembly chambers, public opinion took charge outside. 
For many of those outside, the debate over Right to Work brought back memories of four years ago.
"I'm a state UW electrician and Walker took all our rights away about four years ago and now he's after the private sector union. He's just taking one at a time and my rights have already been gone I'm fighting for other people,” explained Chris Weber.
Inside the Capitol, Republicans, including Speaker Robin Vos, have spent time highlighting the successes they said Right to Work has had in other parts of the country.
"Indiana, one of the last states to have the opportunity to pass Right to Work... We now see that there are 50,000 more people who are in the union than when Right to Work was passed. So, that fact is debunked. Most importantly, it's for us to have a deliberative debate,” said Rep. Vos.
Assembly democrats said the bill doesn't give workers choice.
"Under the guise of freedom Mr. Speaker... Under the guise of choice, you are inflicting this bill on us in just 11 days but Mr. Speaker, people can already choose whether or not to join a union. It's wrong that we are here today in extraordinary session. It's wrong we are talking about this bill at all when the middle class needs so much more,” exclaimed Rep. Katrina Shankland, a Democrat from Stevens Point.
The debate is expected to continue through the night. And will break, but continue until 9 a.m. Tuesday.