​Rep. Katrina Shankland asks Governor Walker to expand state voting hours

By WSAW-TV (Channel 7)



Madison, Wis. (WSAW) - State Representative Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) called for Governor Walker to expand early voting hours after a statewide voter database shut down on Friday.
That database, called WisVote, gives access to critical voter data for clerks and DMV officials. It is instrumental in giving state-issued voter identification cards out to Wisconsin residents prior to the primary on Tuesday.
"I am joining my Democratic colleagues in calling for expanded voting hours, given the technological failure that occurred within the Department of Administration early this morning. The glitch left clerks in the dark while trying to access the state's voter registration system as they attempted to issue absentee ballots," Rep. Shankland said following the temporary outage.
She added, "Additionally, the Department of Transportation was unable to issue photo identification cards to people wishing to obtain a valid identification card for Tuesday's election, given the fact that Wisconsin taxpayers were unable to obtain valid photo identification cards this morning due to the technological failure that affected DMV centers throughout the state."
She felt that extending voting and DMV hours is in the best interest of Wisconsin voters, especially those who want to avoid what could be long lines on Tuesday